MirroR Tutorial First Impressions - Splatter

Review by opengangs on Thursday, June 16th 2016
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MirroR Tutorial is a game created by splatter

Leap of faith

written by opengangs on June 16, 2016

There are moments when MirroR Tutorial's placements fall into place, where the timing is right, and the level design allows smooth parkour stunts, or satisfaction when it comes to the sight of that checkpoint tunnel.

Much of this is stemmed through the demo's overall mechanic: the need to mirror your obstacles. Unlike most platforming games, MirroR Tutorial utilises exact-ness and precision when it comes to making that final leap of faith. Or risk restarting the whole course in painstaking frustration. And the demo's design is set out in such a way so that it isn't too hard, nor is it any easier. Each obstacle course emphasises precision when making those jumps, for each resting point is hidden precariously behind those grassy mainlands.

Keeping in mind that this is merely a concept, rather than a full game, the result of the concept is squandered by the lack of fluidity between each jump, which is a fault in the Arcade creator; not the demo itself. Each jump feels clunky, as the protagonist takes a couple of steps before facing the right direction. As a result, this detracts the overall unique-ness of a mirroring platformer. I failed many times with my jumps, only through the lack of height my player could jump when faced the wrong way.

Each course increasingly adds difficulty, in a rather unobtrusive matter. Each course welcomes a new challenge, while maintaining the level of difficulty that the former courses had. Though frustrating, this is what constantly drove me to continue playing; the gameplay's difficulty is well-balanced out to ensure it is fun for every sort of gamer, whether you're a professional, or amateur.

Though it's only a concept, what really matters is the gameplay, and the gameplay itself shined throughout the journey. Yeah, certain parts of the demo is a little bit disappointing, but that doesn't detract the overall charming concept on the Arcade creator. I was consistently pleased with the slow increase in difficulty, and this allowed me to get used to the controls and depth of the controls, and for that, allowed me to continue playing the demo as it is.