Operation SNARLEY

By oramis :: Monday March 16th, 2009


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This is the first game of the kind! The evil Snarley was just tricked to get out of his cave. Now you need to lead him to the cage! he has to survive or you won't be able to win. Story: Evil Snarleys were always a threat. It's time to change that. We just captured one and it's time to put him in the cage. He's highly dangerous so we need to use a brand new LEAD system. You are in charge of LEAD. When you put him in the small cage he'll be isolated and starved for few days (It will only upset him a little bit) so he won't be aggressive any more. Then we'll try to prove that we're friendly, By giving him food. When he'll see that we feed him while he's starved he might trust us. Also the isolation from other dragons should make him less aggressive. After a month we'll test him if he's still aggressive. If you we'll start the plan again. If he'll cooperate then we'll take good care of him and make him happy. We also need to stop his fiery breath (By blocking his fire lung) then when he'll cooperate we'll put a tracking device on him and send him to his cave. He should somehow spread the news about the good humans. After all our experiments proved that Snarleys can somehow communicate.


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