The Wonderful BOB

Review by paq on Saturday, July 5th 2014
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BOB is a game created by mat7772

It's paq. I'm baq for my first review! This was my application on the forums, I decided to post it here, so enjoy!


I’m reviewing an older PPG. An amazing puzzling game of BOB, by Matt7772. I need to give him full credit for the title, that’s what attracted me. Who would feature a game with a silly title like that? If someone did, which they did, it better be really good.


The thumbnail in this game is not as appealing to me as some of his other games. I’m wondering that if the game has a foolish title and a lazy thumbnail, what should I expect? The thumbnail isn’t great because of lots of dull grey with a little bit of color. Matt should have spent more time making a good thumbnail for this game. I’m not as excited to get into this game as I was before, because he more or less slacked off on one of his best topics.


After clicking on the game to play, I see that “BOB” is a robot graphic. He is sideways, so I am thinking that this game could have lag or glitches. There are black walls and one red wall that is enclosed, so I have no idea what that is for. Reading the instructions, I find that this game will be very puzzling. It says, “Collect the coins. However, an evil force will block you from going back after taking the coin.” This means if I had to go back to get a different coin behind a barrier, I couldn’t. Now I am more excited to play this game, after seeing the puzzle of the game itself.

Game Play

When I started the game, I stopped and started thinking about how I should get through the level. You might’ve had to go deep into the level to come back and collect all the coins. This was very puzzling. I personally tried my luck, and I got through. The game comes with a strategy of getting through the levels, and you need to think hard about how to pass it. This was fun trying to master the courses. When there started to be arrows pointing one direction, it started to get harder than it looked. When I passed an arrow, I didn’t get anything from it except being blocked off behind me. I had to try multiple ways to get past the arrows, and it was very challenging. I kept raging, but at one point I finally finished. Then came the impossible. There were tricky yellow arrows scattered everywhere and it was really easy to get stuck. There were also doors and keys too. You had to unlock doors to get keys for other doors, and you still had to get the coins. Don’t forget, a barrier still appears behind you. This created chaos inside my head trying to map it all out and to find the right way. A very well made game, puzzling, and hard to figure out.


The scenery of this game was flat out dull. It was a grey, grid background. The game had little color, and the walls were black. It was all basic and there was nothing to exciting about anything. The only thing you might consider to look good would be the BOB graphic, but even that isn’t great. The scenery has a link with the thumbnail, and if the thumbnail isn’t good, the scenery typically isn’t good either.


The placement in this game is absolutely perfect. Playing the game, you could tell if little things were changed, the whole game could crash. For example, the red barrier spawns behind you when you get a coin. If it spawned a little bit off to either side, you might be able to go back through behind you. It had to be perfectly straight in order for this game to work out fine. When I played, I didn’t notice any glitches at all, which means that the way he put everything was just how he needed it to work.

Puzzles & Traps

This game is surrounded around puzzles. BOB has a curse, which is the puzzle. The puzzles work because you need to decide on how to get through all of the coins without getting trapped. The puzzles make you mad at some points because you really want to win, but you keep messing up in one little spot. There are lots of things that could go wrong. Now on to the traps. The traps work because of the puzzles. If someone fails a puzzle, they get trapped by barriers and walls. You could get trapped by getting a coin in a dead end. You could also get trapped if you block off a way to another coin. For example, if the last coin was in a dead end, and another one was at the turn, you could block off the dead end, and the coin. Every time you get trapped, you have to restart the level and trust me, that can get you annoyed.


This game even being dull, is still very creative. I bet if you have looked through all of the PPG’s out there, you wouldn’t find one like this. It is a spectacular idea that Matt had, and it must have been a pain to create. Matt created a great game off of a special idea, and I know people will start making other games like this. The title of the game was great too! BOB! Great job with the creativity Matt, it’s a nice idea.


Gameplay, Placement, Puzzles & Traps, Creativity


Scenery, Thumbnail, Story Line (I didn’t talk about this much, since there practically was not one.)


Game Play – 8.5/10

Placement – 10/10

Puzzles & Traps – 9.5/10

Creativity – 9/10

Thumbnail – 3/10

Scenery – 5/10

Story Line – 5/10

~Final Score~ – 7.1/10 (Rounded, unreasonable number)


BOB was a good game, but it still could have been improved. The idea and the way it was made was great, but the detail and scenery was very lacking. Overall, a great game by Matt, and it is feature worthy.

And guys, keep in mind this was my application. My reviews will get better in the future :D

(Scoring glitched, converted to numbers.)