Derpys quest

By platinumgames3 :: Sunday October 18th, 2015


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(If you want a better expeirince with this game, try Derpys Quest Gold edition, its easier and has a better final boss than the original. however if you want a real challenge, then stick with the original. patience requiered to properly play this game) *** Equestria has been invaded by an alien race, determined to rule this once happy world. They have captured every pony, except one mail mare. now this mare must make a quest to save her friends, her normality and her world.( this game is not impossible, i know for a fact. If you fail, 'Try, Try again') on level 8, when the coin dissapears keep playing until the enemies at the top run out of spawns. then you will win. that is if you get to level 8.


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