Ware house 1

By plopsic :: Thursday June 24th, 2010


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You´re working at the huge warehouse in town.Everythings seems OK,and you´re bored.One of the boxes looks cool,and it´s shiny,yellow-glowing crystals in it ! ! ! You hear a noise behind you and turn around,and in the movement you smash down the box.You´re scared half to death and looking around for whatever that could have maked the noise...A big,black rat with red,evil eyes runs away when you pointing at it with the flashlight,he is holding a small box with the text "Be carefull,glass inside" on it.That was the noise,glass crashing...Stupid rat,now you have find al of the yellow crystals and lay them into the box before sunset,when the other workers will see that you´re looking in the boxes.Hurry to find them ! ! !


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