Who Wants To Be In My Sonic Movie

By poostudios :: Monday July 15th, 2013


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PLEASE READ. Sonic-Taken by Poostudios Silver-Taken by Stinger9000 Shadow-Taken by Stuntman4 Tails-Taken by Carterpyrobender Metal Sonic-Taken by Bigbadsheep76 Espio-Taken by Fennekin Rouge-Taken by Ab12 Cream-Taken by Milestailsprower Knuckles-Taken by Sonicme1 Chaos-Taken by Pokeman1111111111 Tails Doll-Taken by Hexcatz Blaze-Taken by Secretsnivy Amy Rose-Taken by Ilikemario Charmy-Not taken yet Metal Knuckles-Not taken yet Egg Robo-Not taken yet Eggman-Taken by 87jenuow


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