The Art of Danger

By potatomash :: Tuesday October 27th, 2015


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This game used to be called sMASHed, renamed it because this seemed more appropriate. This game is dedicated to all who feel like they can no longer move forward, to those who feel like giving up. Tip: Use the poem's rhymes to know where to go next. BUT, you don't necessarily have to use the poem's arrnagement to win. If you guys can find out the proper arrangement (first 5 users) of the poem in level 1 (Send me your answers through PM on the forums) and I'll be willing to give a shiny award. :)) Also, there are 3 lines per stanza. Good luck and I'm sorry for the 384782 year delay. My old laptop had erased the timelapse data so I'm afraid I can't post more days of it. Thanks for playing.


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