A Puzzle Game Of Epic Proportions.

Review by potatomash on Friday, November 4th 2011
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Psychotic Pong is a game created by youngcaliman

Hello this is potatomash here, you must be wondering, where's your other reviews? Great question, answer I accidentally deleted them due to my giant fingers and this touch screen tablet. So I'm remaking it now, sadly I cannot recover one of my reviews, anyway onto the review.


Youngcaliman is a well known physics puzzle game maker, and looking through all his games I found this,” Psychotic Pong”. The title makes me curious, like what is in this game that made it in the featured games list? Well the title and the thumbnail seems like a puzzle kind of game to me. I know that most, or maybe all of Youngcaliman’s games are hard or impossible. I mostly hope I can complete this game, well if I do not complete it I would not mind wasting my time on a game, made by Youngcaliman which I know is almost impossible.


My prediction was correct; Psychotic Pong is a puzzle game, which requires a good amount of strength, speed and brains to win the game. The goal is just to push the white ball to the goal by using the paddles, sounds simple, but the challenging part is they only stay on their own color area and cannot go to the white area, if you hit the ball too hard it bounces back and gets stuck on the white area, but if you hit it too weak it will not reach the other color area. Some levels have those switches that open the area where the goal is, the hard part is you have to make sure the ball goes back to the previous color area.That idea is just pure genius.

The difficulty well, it’s hard, really hard you need to be precise on where you would push the ball to. In Psychotic Pong you cannot die, because you would just get stuck instead of dying, but that would still mean you lost or died. That also means there’s no enemy in the game, but if you considered the mind-blowing puzzles themselves as an enemy, it could be since this game has an intense difficulty level. The switches and some passages that suddenly show up when you hit something with the ball can also make the game really hard.Thankfully if you read the instructions there were some "hints" about the switches and stuff, but if you don't really get those "hints", expect the game to be even more difficult.

The game is addictive because you would be wondering, what kind of puzzle will be waiting for me next? And when you get to the next level it's like whoa! It's even more complicated then the level before this!And When you lose the game numerous times you would like to throw your computer of the table and well I guess that’s how I felt while playing Psychotic Pong. Psychotic Pong just makes me want to press retry whenever I get stuck.Sometimes I just want to grab that ball and just walk in there and get it to the goal.

The game design was alright, having a dazzling array of colors and textures, without it the game would lose most of its appeal to the viewers, it is a good thing that Youngcaliman placed color instead of just leaving the game black and white, or colorless, like some other people do when they worked on something so hard they were just too lazy to put a plethora of dazzling colors. It’s also a good thing that the array of colors didn't make the game look like a super colorful game with colors that don’t flow together. The block placement was good, because Youngcaliman placed it really well to form hard puzzles, a variety of hard puzzles.


-Great Design



-Packed with mind-blowing puzzles


-Too Difficult


Creativity: ____/_____

I found this game to be very creative with that colorful design and textures that blend really well together,forming a massive array of beautiful colors.

Originality: _____/_____

I found Psychotic Pong to have a very original concept related to puzzles and pong.

Addictiveness: ____/_____

This game is really something, made me want to play and play the game, but sadly that was too hard to do considering that I'm still stuck on level four.


Well, as I said here, this game is extremely difficult to complete.



Psychotic Pong, I can say is a game that has mind-blowing puzzles that have insane difficulty that could make you insane . And it also has a great design that does not hurt your eyes and blends well along together with the textures beautifully. Youngcaliman really thought hard to make this game seem perfect, even though it's not. I can say this game really deserved the feature.Anyway,overall Psychotic Pong is a very decent game. In short, a puzzle of epic proportions.

~A review by PotatoMash.

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Psychotic Pong Reviewed by potatomash on Friday, November 4th 2011. A Puzzle Game Of Epic Proportions. - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Psychotic Pong' by youngcaliman. Rating: 4