Skittles, Taste The Rainbow. Oh Wait, It's Just Mysticism.

Review by potatomash on Sunday, March 4th 2012
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Mysticism is a game created by lumberjay

If you are wondering, how am I so fast at making reviews, well this review is my editor app, so enjoy, my longest and maybe best review yet. Oh yeah, and this is my new review format from now on.


Lumberjay, lumberjay, lu-lu-lumberjay! Oh yeah, I remember now, lumberjay, is a great reviewer, moderator and he is also a pretty good game maker. His specialty, I guess is the PPG creator, he has a lot of features all because of that maker. So anyway, my first impression of the game was, ooh la la, a rainbow! Well, it wasn’t really a rainbow, but it was very colorful, had a plethora of colors. That was exactly why I clicked the game in the first place. The thumbnail was wonderful to look at; the maker was very excellent at PPGs, which makes a very interesting combination. The big question is, is Mysticism like his other games, or is it better? It’s time to find out.



The storyline of Mysticism was alright, a little cliché, because I’ve heard some storylines similar to that. But at least it wasn’t one of the overused storylines, like: you save the world, the world is at risk! Stuff like that, because it discourages me to play with a cliché storyline, good thing that one wasn’t too used. The storyline made me curious, like what’s at the end of the tunnel? Err, game, I mean. All in all the storyline was alright, nothing too special though. It’s so weird that nowadays it’s so rare to see a new storyline, what’s wrong, did the entire people of sploder have no more imagination and creativity, and did the rainbow in their heads go away? D: I blame sceptile, dat nub. >:/


The gameplay pace would sometimes just depend on you, or sometimes it was just really fast paced at some points. But in most parts of Mysticism it would have a fast paced type of gameplay wherein you would have to think of where to go next while you are still trying to evade an enemy or trap. It’s quite rare for the gameplay of this game to have a slow pace; the pace was mostly ranging average to fast. Sometimes, too fast you forgot which way you chose to go and crash into an enemy. My fun-o-meter tells me that the fun of this game is: F-U-n, it’s a good rating though, but I always want a F-U-N game, not a F-U-n game. GAME Y U NO F-U-N!?

-Difficulty and Addictiveness:

Difficulty, well when you do start playing, you notice the difficulty level at the side, right? Well it says there its difficulty level is 10. I absolutely agree with that difficulty level for ALL the levels of the game. Mysticism’s difficulty level is too bleep high! I may say that statement a lot with most of the games I review, but it’s the truth. You really need to open your eyes, if you want to at least pass a little of the first level. Time for addictiveness, very addictive, once you lose, this happens: FUUUUUUUUUUUUU—. Yeah, it was addictive, but sometimes you just want to stop trying and give up. That’s what I really meant about it just being F-U-n, at some point it’s really addicting, but then slowly it just gets boring.


Placements, they were great, I enjoyed the enemy, hazard and block placement, I liked ALL the placements, especially, especially, dammit, I liked all the placements in Mysticism. The block placement was somewhat crowded, but then it wasn’t too cramped together with the enemies and traps. The enemies weren’t the easiest to avoid, but at least it was possible to dodge them. Unlike some games out there. Overall, I really found all the placements in this game very magnificent.

-Design and Concept:

For the design, it was alright, not too shabby. For me the design was very colorful, but it just did not stand out in my opinion. I enjoy most PPGs that don’t have graphics because they just look much, much better than what I see now. I thought it would be better to have graphics for a change, but apparently it doesn't look as good as the classic design of the physics puzzle games. Well graphics are alright, just not too much. Surprisingly, this game had so many graphics, yet I didn’t really notice. The design was pleasant. I would prefer less graphic tiles, but it’s alright. Wow, this is one of the only games with a lot of graphics that I found pleasing. The concept, hmmm, DING! To be frank, it was quite used. Not to offend lumberjay for his effort though, but I have seen this concept already. Sadly, the way he made the game wasn’t good; it was horrible, so horrible I would rather, rather, err I don’t know. It was just horrible. [/Irony]


-Enjoyable gameplay

-Presentable Design


-Used Concept

-Story did not stand out.


-Creativity: ____/_____

I was supposed to rate this a 4.5 instead of four, but it’s because of the unoriginality in the concept. The design wasn’t that great, but I liked how lumberjay made the game better than the other games which also had that same concept.

-Addictiveness: ____.5/_____

It was addicting but at some point it gets a little, tiny bit boring.

-Placements: _____/_____

I just loved the placements in the game, it was outstanding.

-Overall: ____.5/_____


Mysticism is a great game, wonderful, spldendid, outstanding game. Good job, lumberjay. If you don’t believe it’s a great game so be it, see for yourself. And my advice is, well none actually, he is obviously a better game maker than me, therefore he doesn’t need advice from someone like me, but he’ll still need opinions. In my opinion Mysticism is worthy of a feature, congratulations. Anyway, would anyone bother explaining to me what mysticism means? Or is it a word, anyway, I'll be searching in a dictionary now. Good bye and thank you for reading, masheeh out.


Mysticism Reviewed by potatomash on Sunday, March 4th 2012. Skittles, Taste The Rainbow. Oh Wait, It's Just Mysticism. - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Mysticism' by lumberjay. Rating: 4