So Melonheads Wasn't A Game About Fruits?

Review by potatomash on Sunday, May 25th 2014
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Melonheads is a game created by npc10000


Ohaider everyone, I'm here again with another review. I'll be reviewing a platformer made by NPC10000. I can already tell that you guys can guess which game it is. It's obviously his newest featured platformer called Melonheads. Yes I know, Mat did a review on this already. But NPC did post this on my review station and I was able to get pretty far into it, so I accepted it. (Something that I am VERY proud of.) So now, I guess I'll try to beat Mat's review or something.. xD Anyway, lumberjay was the one who featured this game and in this review we'll find out if Melonheads really deserves its feature or not.


Okay, I'll be honest. I did not know that this game was supposed to be some sort of horror game. I actually thought that this would be more of a comedy because of the strange title. NPC actually based this game on an urban legend. I didn't know about this beforehand, so I was a bit confused until he told me about it. It was pretty creepy, and it did a good job in getting my attention. The storyline and title obviously match each other very well, and I think it would be able to catch the attention of a lot of members here, even if the legend may just be your average horror story. Anyway once you start playing Melonheads, you see nothing but yourself holding a torch in some sort of grassy area. NPC advises you not to use your radar, so I didn't. In fact, I forgot about the existence of the radar. Even so, I was still able to get pretty far. It seems like a game almost anyone can do. (I did it and I'm like the B-E-S-T player ever so you guys can do it too! :D Take note I said DO, not COMPLETE. Those are two very different words.)

I enjoyed playing Melonheads. I think I was able to produce a brick as soon as I saw the 'melonheads.' Man, those graphics were sick. (And pretty scary. Please don't decide to play this game on a silent and dark area when it's around 12 AM. I'm not the bravest of people soo, I guess how scary the melonheads were depended on you. I was probably a lot more scared than the average since I had just finished rewatching a horror anime at that time as well.) Anyway, I eventually got used to seeing them so it wasn't really a big deal anymore. Melonheads didn't seem to have any puzzles, it seemed like pure platforming to me. But, that's what made it so fun. Especially the part where you can just fall off and land on the starting point once you get far into the game. I wanted to rip my laptop apart. The game wasn't the most difficult of all games, but if you slip and land on the wrong thing, you're pretty much screwed. And the only thing you can do about it is to mope around and cry. Yep, that's right. You lost an easy game that Mash couldn't beat oh her first try either, how disgraceful of you. Anyway, what I do like about this game is that you don't really have to use your brain to get far. (My brain loathes puzzles. I usually ask boredgame or someone else to solve puzzles for me. XD) It was pretty direct, but it was still really fun to play through. In contrast to Mat's opinion, I think the game's length was just right. Making it longer would still be okay, but I think I like how long it is. (*Insert joke that I'd rather not say here.*) The fun might fade away overtime if he made it any longer than that.

The placements of Melonheads was superb in my opinion. I especially loved that bit where there were elevators would push you to the lasers. I would have preferred lava, but that would make it almost impossible for me or anyone else to get through, so I guess that was alright. I did hate the first elevator part though. It was something that was pretty overused and the falling enemies were just so annoying. It was like "No one likes you, go away. >:/" The enemies were placed in the best and most annoying areas and I think there was just enough health for the player throughout the game. That's actually pretty rare in most games because they're either "No health for you, go die lol." or "HERE NEED 1000 MORE LIVES?!! NO?! LOVE ME!!!" It was just enough for you to survive throughout. I did something amazingly stupid while playing, so I wasn't able to. But if I were more cautious and if I played more seriously, I'm pretty sure I would have survived with that much medkits. (Excuses.. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Mash just doesn't wanna admit that she sux at this.) Anyway, I usually don't like platformers that are a bit too 'open'. But this one, despite the 'openess', was very nice. That's probably also the reason why I don't fancy open world RPGS in the platformer. It's just too much for me, I'd rather have a more direct kind of platformer. I don't really enjoy games that take too long to accomplish through exploration either. All in all, the placements were splendid. Though it did feel a bit messy here and there.

As for the design, I'm really impressed with what NPC did. The place actually looked pretty spooky. The graphics were really able to enhance the design of this game a lot. It looked amazing in my opinion. The colors and everything he chose were really good. Though, sometimes the design looked pretty 'off' at some points. But it was barely noticeable anyway. I mean, 90% of the time all you see is darkness (Or your character.)anyway. So I guess it didn't really matter to the rest of the players, but it did matter to me. Even if it is just the design, it's still able to leave a really big impact on me. Overall, the design of Melonheads wasn't exactly perfect, but it's pretty good.


Creativity: ____/_____

Other than the impressive design and interesting storyline of Melonheads, I didn't see anything too new in this game. Though it is pretty uncommon to see someone make a platformer with absolutely no puzzles.

Placements: ____.5/_____

The placements were amazing overall, but it did have a few minor flaws.

Originality: ___/_____

As I said, I didn't see anything too new in this game but it still is fairly uncommon to see a platformer with no puzzles. It was just pure platforming

Addictiveness: _____/_____

I think this game is really addicting to play through, especially since you can feel proud of yourself for getting pretty far in it. That kind of motivates you to play even more, making Melonheads a very addictive game.

Difficulty: _____/_____

I think the difficulty of this game was perfect. It wasn't too challenging, nor was it too easy. It was a difficulty that was good for almost anyone.

Overall: ____.3/_____


Overall, Melonheads really deserved its feature. This is a game all of you guys should definitely try out sometime. EGL worthy? I don't think so. Sure it's worthy of a feature, but I don't think that this game would be able to go that far just yet. Oh and if you guys were curious on how far I got, I was actually able to get the crystal on level one. But after doing that, I immediately was annihilated by a Melonhead. T.T I gave up right after that point. Anyway, great work NPC. I do hope to see more of your games and hopefully review some of them as well in the future. And I guess that concludes my review. Thank you all for reading and this is Mash, about to eat food. :3


Melonheads Reviewed by potatomash on Sunday, May 25th 2014. So Melonheads Wasn't A Game About Fruits? - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Melonheads' by npc10000. Rating: 4