Whaddya Mean By 'No Puzzles'?

Review by potatomash on Friday, May 30th 2014
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Legacy is a game created by jmc10


Ohaider everyone, I haven't been writing reviews for the past few days because I went on vacation to somewhere over the rainbow. But I'm back and here to give you guys another review. :D Today, I'll be reviewing Legacy. It's a platformer that was made by jmc10. I'm expecting this game to be really good because since the platformer seems to be his specialty and I can tell you that his games are really amazing as well. Legacy is also his entry for the SGD. And since I am one of the judges for this event, I was able to play this game before creating this review. So I already know what's in it, (Sort of.) and now I'll just have to go into more detail and give my opinion on it through this review.


So Legacy is a game about this demon slayer's adventure. The story is really basic, you're the hero and you save everyone from the enemies. I don't see anything too special with the storyline since it's almost like every other story out there. But I do understand that it is difficult to think of something really new. Since this game was part of the SGD it had some rules to follow. Some of the rules were that this game isn't supposed to have puzzles and it was supposed to be a full 9 level game. That really caught my attention. A game that long with just pure platforming is a real challenge to create. As I continue to play and watch the walkthrough of Legacy, (Yep, Mash the amazing has succumbed to watching walkthroughs again because she is like the best player ever.) hoping to find a puzzle or two to see if jmc failed to follow the rules given to him. There were some tiny and subtle puzzles here and there, though it's understandable since I know how difficult it is to not have a single puzzle in your game. But it's barely noticeable. 98% of the game was really just pure platforming and beating the living hell out of every enemy. I wouldn't really say that jmc followed the rule of 9 levels as well since some of the levels weren't really 'levels' in my opinion. (I hope you guys get what I mean by that lmao.) So I discovered something new today. Jmc is pretty badass, ya'll better hide yo' kids.

Anyway, the gameplay of Legacy is pretty constant. It was more of a fast paced kind of gameplay because you wouldn't really be able to jump over obstacles if you don't run and jump fast enough. There were a lot of spots where in you could just rest your fingers for a bit, which was really good considering the length of the game. You could go at your own pace at some points, but going really slow isn't an option. Legacy to be completely honest wasn't the most addicting game of the century. It could be really fun at some points, but it can also just die down and become really boring. It was in between "fun as hell" and "I'd rather not play this anymore, I should be doing something else." in my opinion. The extreme jumps and flips you had to do throughout the game got really repetitive throughout, as well as beating up every enemy and going back and fourth just to make sure they're all eliminated. If jmc didn't add too much of the same thing, I'm pretty sure that it would be a lot more fun than it is right now. As for the difficulty, I think Legacy had a pretty good difficulty. It was medium-hard for me, which I think is perfect. It can present a challenge, but at the same time it isn't one of those "I can't even beat the tutorial level lol." games. (*COUGH* SPIN *COUGH*)

I think the placements of Legacy were top. The placements were very constant throughout the game as well. The blocks were placed perfectly, it made the game a lot more challenging especially at the parts where you fall through a hole and you can't climb back up because the blocks surrounding you can't be used to sword climb back up. It was also fairly difficult to look for switches and things in the game, which is good. There were quite a lot of well placed obstacles that get in your way, and a lot of strong enemies were placed well too. There were a large amount of strong enemies, but jmc was able to provide enough health and extra lives for you to be able to beat them all and surpass all the obstacles that came your way too. I don't really have much complaints except that there was a little bit too much extra lives given to you and there were times where the placements became a little bit repetitive. Other than that, I loved how they were placed in such an organized manner. It didn't feel messy at all, it flowed well with the scenery too. The block placements are probably my favorite. It was really a challenge to jump from block to block without falling and getting bleeped off over and over again.

The game design of Legacy was very well done, I must say. It looked pretty simple, but it was absolutely stunning. Everything was pretty detailed. The tile design choices were splendid, the designs of Legacy really fit in with the main theme of the game. Especially on the first level. Though Mr. Blockhead didn't look too happy with his plastic surgery, I think how he looks also fit in very nicely since he was well, a demon slayer. He looked pretty demon slayer to me lmao. The thumbnail of the game gave you a really bad impression of the game's design because it looked well... empty. Which was the complete opposite of the game. There was at least a block in every little nook and corner of the game. Well that's how it looked because exploration in the game was pretty limited, but I don't have any problems with that. I myself dislike games that really require you to explore.


-Organized placements

-Excellent block placements

-Stunning scenery

-Adequate difficulty



-Not so enjoyable to play through

-Too long of a game for the player to enjoy


Creativity: ____/_____

I really liked the design of Legacy, but I didn't see anything too new in the game.

Placements: ____.5/_____

My only complaints here are the repetitiveness of the placements, specifically the enemy and hazard placements. Also as stated earlier, there was too much health in the game.

Originality: ___.5/_____

The only thing that kind of made it original was the concept of pure platforming. Though, the game did have a few tiny puzzles along the way.

Addictiveness: __/_____

It wasn't the most addicting game out there.

Difficulty: _____/_____

Like I said earlier it can present a challenge, but at the same time it isn't one of those "I can't even beat the tutorial level." games.

Overall: ___.8/_____


I honestly think that Legacy isn't a feature worthy game. Not trying to burst your bubble jmc, but that's my honest opinion. I do believe that jmc can do a lot better than this. If the game was just a tad bit more fun and less repetitive, I would gladly say that it deserves a feature. This is just my opinion anyway, I do hope that it doesn't get to you. I think Legacy is one of the 'almost there' games. They're so close, yet so far from a feature just because they're missing a few of the little things. If you guys all have time on your hands, I recommend you guys try this game out. This game is for those who'd rather just play without really using much of their brain power. And again, thank you all for reading my review. This is Mash, about to write another review on another platformer by another user. :))


Legacy Reviewed by potatomash on Friday, May 30th 2014. Whaddya Mean By 'No Puzzles'? - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Legacy' by jmc10. Rating: 3