All Hail Blackhole2!

Review by potatomash on Tuesday, June 3rd 2014
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Blackhole2 is a game created by sto4


Ohaider everyone, Mash is here today with another review. (This review is the one I was taking about in my previous review btw.) I'll be reviewing Blackhole2, a platformer made by sto4. What really makes me curious about this game is why he made a whole game just for blackhole2. Either way, I'm expecting this game to be really good. Sto4 is very skilled at making games in the platformer creator. Based on his MS profile, he seems to only have made platformers throughout his time here on sploder. I haven't found a game on his profile that isn't a platformer. So I guess the platformer is really his specialty. So this game better be good. Seeing as this game isn't featured, I'm curious if it'll still remain unfeatured by the end of this review.


First off, I'd like to admit that I did not get far in this game AT ALL. I'd like to thank sto4 for providing me with a walkthrough. (I also discovered that I have 3 more subscribers than he does, that makes me feel special. :3) I'd also like to thank myself for having the most amazing abilities when it comes to completing games. Anyway, the game Blackhole2 is basically just about his 'journey' (I'm referring to blackhole2's journey, of course. This is just so you guys won't get mixed up.) as sto4 says in the description of the game. I can tell that he really respects blackhole2, (You don't say?) he respects him so much that he made a game just about him. I have to admit though, blackhole's avatar is pretty creepy on the first level. His face is placed everywhere. (It was actually pretty funny to see his face on a crate, that was entertaining... until you realize that it can actually trap you.) If this continues, we may have a blackhole2 cult or something. Ya'll better run. I honestly think that the way sto4 started the game with the intro level was really dramatic. It made me curious as to what was in this game.

The gameplay pace of Blackhole2 is very consistent. It was more of a fast paced gameplay and 'resting spots' were pretty limited. You have to both think and move fast to be able to pass any level. You also need to have good hand and eye coordination if you want to get far. You're pretty much required to use both your sword and whatever tool you have on the other hand while jumping and running at the same time. This game is not easy. This game is probably meant for players like JJS or Mat. You better brace yourself before even attempting to play this game. Blackhole2 is a really, REALLY difficult game, but it wasn't really fun in my opinion. I did find the whole game fascinating and all since it had all those cool stuff, but I didn't have too much fun playing it. I do have to admit though, the further you get into the game, the more repetitive it gets. That was also one of the reasons why I didn't find it too fun either. There were times where I'd shout "cuss word", but majority of the time I was playing as if I were a zombie doing tasks assigned to me by the Almighty Blackhole2. If you make a little mistake, expect to be severely punished by almost anything. It could be lava, crushers, mini-godzillas, mutants, thugs, bats, turrets and a lot more. It's your choice, really. Even forgetting to mention the '2' in Blackhole2's name could cause your death. If you still wish to play this game, I wish you the best of luck young (and foolish) one.(And yes, I forgot what the green dinosaur is called. Is it a Snarley? Idk.)

Just like the gamelay, the placements of this game were also very consistent. If anything, I think the placements are my favorite thing in this game so far. They were absolutely flawless, except for the fact that I think there were just too much enemies in some parts. Having a lot of enemies is alright, just not to the point where you barely have space to run and/or beat them. I have to be honest here, I absolutely hate the 'defeat all the enemies' objective. This game made me hate it even more. There were just too much enemies, and the way they were put there and the enemy types you'd see throughout the game were pretty repetitive as well. I got pretty tired of it. There were a lot of times wherein sto4 would put some amazing puzzles, traps and hazard placements here and there. Some examples would be how he used the spaceship and almost all the tools, objects and weapons in the most creative way possible. He was really able to take advantage of almost everything that the platformer creator has to offer. But that wasn't really enough for me to forget about the amount of annoying enemies I have to beat to actually be able to progress.

I also liked the design of Blackhole2. Though the game was basically dark 100% of the time, I like how sto4 still placed a lot of effort onto adding decorations in the background. Though the game all in all looks simple, it still looked really good. I think that it would look a lot better if sto4 used a larger variety of tile block designs though. Either way, it still looked great in my opinion. Even here sto4 was able to utilize almost everything the platformer creator has to offer. He used the windows, grass, statues and a lot more. He was able to really make use of a big portion of the stuff you have in the platformer. That's something that I've been trying to do for a long time, but it never really worked out for me. It would always turn out to be a giant mess when I try, but Blackhole2 on the other hand, was very organized. It didn't feel messy at all. I think I also need to give this game a round of applause. Though some of the stuff sto4 added were pretty recycled concepts, I was also able to see a lot of new concepts and things I never thought of doing before.


-Excellent placements

-Very presentable design

-Consistent gameplay


-Too long of a game for the average player to enjoy.

-The abundance of enemies tend to be very annoying.

-Too difficult for your everyday person to play.


Creativity: ____.5/_____

The design of this game is very presentable and I would have never thought of some of the things that sto4 added in his game. Though, I don't advise that you overuse these concepts.

Placements: ____.5/_____

The only problem I have in this category are the enemies, as I have stated earlier.

Originality: _____/_____

I think it's inevitable to not have any used concepts, so I won't let that stop it from getting a perfect score in this category.

Addictiveness: __/_____

I didn't find Blackhole2 to be too fun at all.

Difficulty: __/_____

I think that this game would be a lot better if it had a friendlier difficulty.

Overall: ___.6/_____


Overall, I think sto4 did a great job on this game. I think Blackhole2 should be very thankful and grateful because he has a really good friend. But to be honest with you, I don't think this game is feature worthy just yet. If only this game were more enjoyable to play, then I'd gladly feature it. But then again, I'm not too sure if I should be featuring anything at the moment since the SGD has a featuring schedule and stuff like that. Anyway I hope to see a lot more great platformers from you, sto4. Thank you all again for taking your precious time just to read my review. This is Mash, about to... well it looks like I have nothing to do after this.


Blackhole2 Reviewed by potatomash on Tuesday, June 3rd 2014. All Hail Blackhole2! - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Blackhole2' by sto4. Rating: 3