Dem Graphics.

Review by potatomash on Saturday, June 14th 2014
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Lectred Z Reborn is a game created by shadross


Ohaider everyone, Mash is here again with another review. This time, I'll be reviewing a platformer called Lectred Z Reborn. Lectred Z Reborn isn't the only game that holds this kind of title, there's a whole series of it. Though, I haven't really played most of the games in the Lectred series. I don't think I have time to play all of them either. But some of them were featured, if I remember correctly. Anyway, this was made by a pretty well known member and that member would be none other than Shadross. His games are pretty top notch so I guess you could say that my expectations are pretty high.


So when you start to play Lectred Z Reborn, the first thing one would notice would be the amazing scenery and graphics. And you would also notice the minor lag due to all the prettifullness of the game. Well that actually that depends on your internet, your computer and stuff like that. Anyway as you explore this pretty open world game, you'll discover new things. For example, Jammy owns a warehouse and Minjaze owns his own little hideout thing. Very fascinating indeed. But, open world sploder games aren't really my thing so I didn't really enjoy it as much as others would. I'd rather not explore a giant world and do a lot of other random things before moving on. I'd just want to go straight to the goal and avoid any unnecessary combat and stuff like that. That's also why I can't really be bothered with 9 level, open world RPGs on sploder. Anyway when you get to fighting a lot of enemies, it lagged quite a lot for me, which was very inconvenient. My laptop (and internet) must be very weird. It can handle Skyrim with a lot of mods and high resolution textures, but it can't handle Shad's game. But anyway, it was still playable even with the lag present. So I guess I'll just keep moving forward then.

The gameplay of Lectred Z Reborn was pretty good. I enjoyed it because it wasn't one of those "Think until your head blows up." kind of games. It was more of "Just get your bleep in there and hope you live!" kind of game, which is very fun to play. One of the biggest questions you'd probably have in mind when you play this game is "Where do I go next?" because the game is pretty large and it doesn't really tell where you should exactly be going. Anyway, I think that Lectred Z Reborn is a pretty fun game, but I wouldn't call it the funnest game in the world. There were some parts where the fun would just fade away and then pop right back up after a while. It wasn't the most difficult game in the world either, the difficulty as a whole is pretty average. But both aspects really depended on where you were and what the situation was. It could be amazingly difficult or really easy in some parts. It could be really fun or really boring at some points as well. Though the lag that just randomly appeared in some parts of the game were very annoying. But if this game is good at something, it's keeping you interested. There's something different in almost every level of this game.

The placements of Lectred Z Reborn were odd. There were times where it seemed perfect, and there were times where it just felt a bit off and unorganized. But, it wasn't unorganized and off to the point where buildings didn't look like buildings anymore. It just felt a tiny bit odd for me, and I'm not too sure why. The ramp tiles in some of the other levels became very annoying as well. Other than that though, I think the placements as a whole were alright. There were a lot of enemies and/or hazards on every level, but you were always backed up with an abundance of medkits. But, I didn't think that the amount of medkits in the game were bad. They seemed just right. It made the game playable for almost everyone. (Yes, even Mash can play this game! :D But.. she wasn't able to finish it. D: Oh and Mash still doesn't know how she won Psychotic Pong 3.)What I really liked was the wide variety of enemies that Shad used. He was able to take advantage of the various abilities that each and every enemy had and placed them in the areas where they would have a large advantage against you. The balanced amount of enemies and health in my opinion are the best thing about the placements of Lectred Z Reborn.

The design of Lectred Z Reborn is the best thing that this game has to offer. It has all these amazing graphics, it really made the game stand out. Everything looked aesthetically pleasing. The colors and everything just went so well together. It really matched the whole game. From the tile graphics to the character graphics, it was just top notch. I have no complaints at all. Even just looking at the thumbnail you can tell how hard Shad worked to make all these amazing graphics. It was one of the main things that made me keep playing this game. So if you ever thought that were good at making graphics, think again. Shadross' graphics just makes all of our graphics look like poo-, erm I mean, feces. I don't want to be too impolite. It might hurt your feelings.


-Amazing in game design

-Balanced enemy and health placements

-Action packed

-Very friendly difficulty


-Minor lag issues

-Levels were a little too large for my taste.


Creativity: ____.5/_____

I think that this game is really aesthetically pleasing and it's pretty new in general, but it wasn't the kind of new that made your jaw hit the floor.

Placements: ____/_____

The placements were impressive, but they were a bit off at some points.

Originality: ____/_____

There were new concepts and such, but Lectred Z Reborn wasn't anything too new.

Addictiveness: ___/_____

It's fun but there were times where Lectred Z Reborn could get pretty boring.

Difficulty: _____/_____

The difficulty of this game was absolutely perfect. It was easy enough for anyone to play, but it could also be challenging at the same time.

Overall: ____.1/_____


Did Lectred Z Reborn deserve it's feature? Yes, it did. This game has its flaws here and there, but what game doesn't? This game isn't exactly my favorite cup of tea, but I still enjoyed it and I still do think that it deserved its feature. (I hate tea, by the way.) EGL worthy? I wouldn't really say that this game deserves to be there just yet. It could still be tweaked here and there. But, I do recommend that you all play this game. It's really worth your time. If Mash can play it, you can too! :D And Shad, I don't know if I should ask you to stop making graphics because it makes me feel bad or to continue making graphics because you're amazing at it. Eh whatever, keep doing what you're doing because you're good at it. I can't wait to see more games from you. Anyway, thank you all for reading my review. This is Mash, about to cry because my school starts in around 2 days.


Lectred Z Reborn Reviewed by potatomash on Saturday, June 14th 2014. Dem Graphics. - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Lectred Z Reborn' by shadross. Rating: 4