]EGD[ Pew Pew Pew (Mash Can't Think Of A 'pew' More Titles For This Review.)

Review by potatomash on Friday, July 18th 2014

This review came even later than expected because there was a power out right when I refreshed the page to publish the review. :/


Ohaider everyone, Mash is here today with another review. And yes, I'll be reviewing another EGD game. This time, this game is made by Shadross. A guy whose known for his expertise in making PPGs and graphics. His game making style is unique and even if you didn't even have the creator of the game written down, you'd automatically know it's his game just by looking at how it's designed and such. Anyway, I can't be bothered to tell you all the title of the game. It's just too long lmao. I'm pretty sure you guys already know his EGD entry, so let's just move on.


So, here we go again... I'm not to fond of Shad's games, to be honest. They're difficult for me to complete and there are just so many levels. But, this time it's different. I was able to get halfway into the game on my first try. (Without retrying! :D Well, fine... I did have to ask Shad how I was supposed to finish the tutorial level.) So, you guys can say Mash is in a good mood. I feel like Shad should be giving me an award for my hard work. :3 Anyway, the storyline of this game is pretty cliche. Some hero has to save everyone in the name of justice, and he apparently uses the sun as his power. And so, he's called the Solar Sniper. That's pretty much all there is to it. Anyway, it isn't one of the most main aspects of the game, so I won't really mind it anymore. So, the game starts off with a tutorial level. Which was really difficult to understand. It was like "Instructions weren't clear enough, my head is stuck in an oven. HELP." As I mentioned earlier, I even had to ask Shad how to do stuff.The mechanics and how you defeat the enemies fascinate me, (You know, once I finally got the hang of it.) but what I found more interesting was the shadow effects shad made in the game. They were pretty entertaining and they looked great. Well, fine the game as a whole looked pretty good.

The gameplay was pretty constant. You had to be quite swift to avoid enemies and you also needed to use your brain a bit to be able to think of the best tactic in order to lure your enemy towards the sun. It was fun for the first half of the game, the battles were varied, but at the same time, it felt quite repetitive shooting everything and running away over and over again. The game as a whole was pretty tedious to play through since it just felt so long. Also Solar Sniper is a pretty difficult game. Everything would seem pretty confusing at first if you don't play Shad's games often. But after a while, you'll be able to control your character without much difficulty. Even so, the game still is pretty difficult. It was around medium-hard in my opinion.

For the placements, I think they were great. Not perfect, but very good. The enemies and the sunlight were placed in really good and strategic placements. I absolutely enjoyed playing through the boss battles. They were top. Shad's probably the best when it comes to making boss levels. The block placements seemed very well planned as well. My one problem is that it looked a tad bit messy because there's so much things going on in a single level. You really wouldn't get what you should be doing. It was pretty confusing in my opinion. The giant map wasn't really my thing either. As some of you know, I hate exploration type games. And this sort of counts as one. I didn't really enjoy the fact that you couldn't even see the enemies hurling at you on some levels until it was already too late.

As for the design, I loved it yet I hated it. In some parts it was jaw-droppingly amazing, but in some parts it just felt like too much. Like the level with the fire and stuff. (Mash can't be bothered to remember level numbers, so screw you all. :P) Sure the lava and stuff look really, really cool, but a little too much pizzazz isn't good either. It was basically an eyesore to look at while playing. The graphics as a whole and the color choices were amazing, but when it was all mashed together in the game it was just too extravagant for me. Oh and did I mention the last level? There goes my eyes. The colors in the background were just annoying. It's like, why am I in a disco? The 'scope' design thing your character had there was cool, but I'd prefer it if it weren't there. It didn't really help my eyes feel better either. So all in all, Shad put a little too much of this and that into his game.


-Unique Concept

-Amazing boss battles

-Very good placements in general


-Repetitive gameplay

-Design was too extravagant

-Too long of a game for the average player to enjoy

-Tutorial level could have been made clearer


Creativity: ____.5/_____

The concept was good and so was the design, though I found it to be an eyesore sometimes.

Placements: ____/_____

The placements were very good, but I wouldn't call them perfect.

Originality: ___.5/_____

I wouldn't say this is the most original game he's come up with since a vast majority of his games have this sort of play style and all.

Addictiveness: ___/_____

With the exemption of some boss battles, the game as a whole wasn't too fun and addicting.

Difficulty: ___/_____

I think the difficulty was okay, I don't really have a lot problems with it but I don't think it should be rated a perfect score.

Overall: ___.6/_____


To be honest, this isn't Shad's best work. But, I think it's a good EGD entry and he should be proud of his hard work because Mash has never even been able to make a full and legit nine level game. Anyway to be honest, I'm not so sure if this game's entirely feature worthy or not. I'll leave that other editors to decide on because I feel like this game is 'almost there' and at the same time I don't feel like it's there yet at all. Okay that didn't make sense, but it made more sense than what some other guy on sploder blabbers on about. I don't really know, I feel bipolar about my opinion on this game at the moment, but this game without a doubt deserves recognition and praise. So, good job on this Shad. Anyway, this is Mash about to try to review another EGD game as soon as possible since I haven't had school for four days because of a typhoon that almost destroyed my house's roof, causing me to stay temporarily in boredgame's condominium and...

Wow okay, Mash should shut up now. So uhm okay, bye you guys. :))


Solar Sniper . Dawn of Death Reviewed by potatomash on Friday, July 18th 2014. ]EGD[ Pew Pew Pew (Mash Can't Think Of A 'pew' More Titles For This Review.) - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Solar Sniper . Dawn of Death' by shadross. Rating: 3