[STAR] Penguins Are Always Fun To Patrol!

Review by probe5 on Saturday, March 9th 2013
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Penguin Patrol is a game created by mat7772

Hi, sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, I really haven't found time, lol. Anyway here I am now reviewing Penguin Patrol by mat7772.


Well I know mat pretty darn well. We are best friends and we do talk a lot on the forums. His games are also top percent like Joey's Rattata, he has managed to get some of his games featured. Now the title seems interesting, you never think of a game to have patrolling penguins, not too shabby of an idea I will give him that. One thing is, that the thumbnail looks like a big pond and snow surrounding it, and it is not much to look at. I do see red and blue penguins, but it just looks like they're standing there to say hello or something that may or may not be useless to the game. Hopefully this is his wannabe intro, or at least the first level, and I'm sure the game will look better as levels progress.

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Boy, what an amazing game play! I am simply speechless, a well developed idea, astonishing! The concept was so simple, yet hard to conquer. You basically had to get your baby penguins before time ran out, which makes the game fast-pace, and you don't really have any time to think, it's just get the penguins before an avalanche occurs, or whatever's happening in Antarctica. It was really like a rescue game, and besides mario, and zelda, I don't play much rescue games, but this was an excellent one! At first, I hated the controls you had to use though, I did not like that, but then in the later levels, I could see why he used that. Speaking of levels, each and every level had an expansion of the previous, making it more challenging and fun! Now that's what I like! You did have to control two or more penguins each level, which made the game longer. Not to mention addicting too, couldn't keep my hands off!

Scenery was just snow, a few lakes here and there, but not really much else to look at really. Most levels had rocks too, but those weren't THAT good to look at, and they were a part of the game. I just didn't see much of prettiness in it. He could have added some trees or something else to make it look more decent. Mat didn't use much graphics either, except on the baby penguins, which looked cute, but the mother/father penguins looked like they were in a train wreck of some sort. I really don't imagine a penguin looking like that, lol. There's one small thing I noticed that questions me and that is their beaks, they're red, and I though they were orange, oh well.

There were few placements in this game. There was really only enemy placement which was pretty darn good actually. Black penguins trying to destroy the babies, meaning there was no time to waste then. Honestly, those enemies annoyed the splode out of me, considering some of them were guarding keys, and the others were at the wrong place for me at that time. I honestly felt like hitting my computer. Anyways, there was some block placement and it was the rocks, which held the other penguin sin place while one penguin went out to get a key, or save a baby. I thought that was an excellent idea. Oh yeah, they keys unlocked a certain area to the baby, basically.

Puzzles were beyond expectation. There was so many things to think of in a matter of time, it was pressuring, but amazingly well developed. The rock thing like I said in the previous paragraph is one example. One more great one, was getting the keys while avoiding the enemy penguin. All and all, the puzzles were just fantastic, enough said. I personally would've loved if he brought the baby back to base or something, making some more interesting puzzles.


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Well I must say, it was a great game to play in such a long time, and I'm not even kidding! It was a low overall score, but with those fix ups that he could make, it would be perfect! This game has really deserved it's feature! Well This is probe signing out!


Penguin Patrol Reviewed by probe5 on Saturday, March 9th 2013. [STAR] Penguins Are Always Fun To Patrol! - A game review written by probe5 for the game 'Penguin Patrol' by mat7772. Rating: 3