Trident World

By purplepineapple :: Monday September 5th, 2011


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So alone..... So afraid. You had everything as a child. Home, family, and love. But one day, one dark stormy night, a thunder unlike any other struck you down as you tried to sleep. This thunder was hades thunder. He began to see that your life was a wonderful paradise, so he used his dark powers to strike you to take everything away from you. Earth was not the same. Everyone was against you and you had no clue. As the years go by your survival skills had kept you living, but it was time to go back to your home. Hades had seemed to pick on you because you had everything so he put you to the test of showing if you deserved what nobody els had. "You seemed to know now how grateful your life is." Hades said. "But to proof that you deserve your life back, you must find the three diamonds of light. You won't understand why this test will proof that you deserve what you had, but if you complete this task, you will go back home when I first took you as a child so you wont remember this time. You will have your life back and I will never do this again..... But only if you passed." You accepted this challenge. Now go forward to the place of the challenge and your nightmare shall end.

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