Marauder - Is There More Than Meets The Eye?

Review by r0llerc0aster on Tuesday, July 9th 2019
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Marauder is a game created by rooney10

Hello all, r0llerc0aster here. It's been almost four years since I reviewed a game, so I thought today I would review rooney10's Marauder. rooney10 is a seasoned member of Sploder with 10 years of experience in the various game creators. During his stay on Sploder, he has fully made 10 games, with five of them obtaining the featured status. This game was featured fairly quickly after its release, and a player should understand whomever's decision to do so by seeing the game.

It is worth nothing that Marauder is a singular level game. Subsequently, we shouldn't be expecting too much of a story-line. The fact that there is no description or characters within the game confirms this. From this we can conclude that rooney10 is not interested in making a story for this game, but just wants to create a bona fide, good game that utilizes a myriad of puzzles and action. So how does it fare? Let's find out.

Marauder starts off with quite an overwhelming visual start. Contrasting colors, and fast graphics. I found the colors to be crowded and often, at times distracting. This is unfortunate as you definitely do no want the visual element taking away from the gameplay experience. If anything, you want the visuals of a game to help increase the enjoyment of a game. Needless to say, the visuals in Marauder certainly did not make the gameplay better. For all intents and purposes, Marauder's scenery and visuals are a headache, a plethora of colors that crowds and overwhelms your screen. This is totally subjective though and I can see someone enjoying the visuals of this game too. The game develops into a bland scenery at one point in the game, and this lasts for a bit, before changing to a more dark color pallet. Although this is easier on the eyes, it's just nothing interesting. Additionally, I won't comment on the fast graphics because this was probably a deliberate choice not to enhance aesthetic but to make the game more playable on lower end computers as it is a large map.

However, this ~contrasts~ nicely with the exceptional gameplay and meticulous placing of every single block in Marauder. rooney10 clearly had a concept of what he wanted to do with this game and executed the gameplay to almost perfection. In the single level there are enemies, brain teasers, risky jumps, lava, the list goes on. It's everything you look for in a fundamentally good experience. Although I wish more had been done to make the gameplay look more attractive, there is no denying that in Marauder, the gameplay is wonderful.

Of course, as with any other featured Platformer game, there is its fair share of obstacles that will leave you scratching your head. One example of this could be near the beginning, there is a grenade that you have to acquire and you have to throw said grenade so it hits a switch, triggering the next portion of the level. I found myself, at first, confused as to how to angle my throw in to the 'pipe' and corresponding switch. This blame could potentially be placed on the fact that I have not played many Sploder games in a long time and succeeded.

I think it is very telling of the game when a complete troglodyte caveman like me is able to reach reasonably far in the level. This is by no means a bad thing. It shows that it wasn't impossibly hard so that only a god-tier Sploder player sweat could complete it; which I think is never good. Granted, I did not complete the full game but did manage to get through enough.

The final ratings are:

Story: N/A

Scenery: 3/10

Gameplay: 8/10

All in all, Marauder delivers an action packed journey throughout a expansive but visually displeasing map. This was definitely up to the featured standard nowadays, but I ponder if this would be featured back in Sploder's prime? Thanks to rooney10 for the game, and to whoever is reading this.