Dark WipeOut

By radeonz9 :: Monday January 20th, 2014


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You wake up in a cold and wet place, not remembering how you got there. The first thing you see is... water. All over the place. What is this? What is going on? ...It's simple. It seems like you were the chosen one. In other words, you were captured and sent to participate in a Wipeout challenge. A Dark one. A Lethal one. For what? You will never know. MISTERIOUS NOTE: "I have been planning this for so long... And now, i finally created them. Those magnificent creatures... Im proud of my laboratory creations. They turned out to be just perfect, as i wanted them to be. As you are reading this note, look down the water. See it? Beutiful isnt it? Huhuhu... Let's see what my little Bresky can do... But that's not all, my poor little square, theres more of them, much more. And they are all different; however, they have the same exact will: KILL YOU IN ORDER TO SURVIVE"


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