Mission against Evil Empire

By rainstar :: Thursday October 27th, 2011


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Level 1: You are in a volcano area when you get a call from the general. He tells you that the enemy leader's secret hideout has been uncovered, and that he wants you to do the finishing blow on the enemy. You have to proceed to the escape pod immediately. But first, take care of those pesky bats! Level 2: Unfortunately, your craft was shot down, so you have to make a temporary hideout. But now you have found an underground tunnel leading to the generals area. Level 3: Be careful. Fall into the Floor door, and YOU'RE OUT! Level 4: You have made it to the enemy hideout! Defeat the Mercenary guarding the house to enter! Level 5: It's the enemy leader. Defeat him! Level 6: Uh oh! The enemy army has arrived! Fortunately, the escape pod is just in time to pick you up. HURRY!


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