By religious11 :: Saturday March 30th, 2013


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Blockhead, a royal knight goes around saving the village from the evil chaos, And his crew, the lios. Blockhead and a few wizards, owls, and generals are the only ones who could save this village from chaos. The bad news is chaos is WAY bigger than anybody in this planet, Jumm. Except his older brother, Kaos. See, they are CHAOS and KAOS. Kaos is a fire troll who is keil. You face Chaos in E.9 and Kaos in E.12. Kaos his gonna be hard. But if 10 leave a comment saying you like episode 1 you use a robo suit to fight him. 20 is he is in lava and you are in a boat. 30,, however is a surprise. ;)


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