By religious2 :: Saturday July 27th, 2013


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Yup, I'm making a TV. I got the diea from Channel 224 news by pieman224.. I think. This is a demo of what to expect. I will need staff, who will work on the TV show on a colab account. I am very picky in staff picking, so you need to be talented in your area of work. Your pay is lots a awards per level you make. The channels arez; Cartoons: Short movies of real cartoon characters, like regular show, mario, adventure time etc Ther is a job open called cartoonist. I need people talented at making movies for that job, the pay is 9 awards per cartoon you make. Sports: Like cartoons, but focusing on sports. Pay is 10 awards per sports performance. I won't hire just anybody, you need to be talented at PPG and mechanics. News: No job opening Commercials: Read the description Contests: I will post a contest on each tv show, and you vote for the best choice, and on the next TV show, the winners will be announced and they will recieve tons of awards. So, go go go


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