By repty6 :: Sunday June 10th, 2012


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Can you see right through her? You are a girl called Shiryama, you have Transparant Syndrom. You completely disapair every 4 weeks. Based on Transparant, a manga, I added a twist, enemies. The story for this, unlike the manga, you are slowly fading and people forget you are real, you are draged to a hell-ish place in you mind at the fact you are being forgotten. The fear of being fogotten and unwanted makes herself fight herself. One part says that they should not think about being forgotten and wait, one part says that she should kill herself. She is dragged in her mind and she stops herself to stop her from destroying herself. The part that wants to die is stronger, fighting the part that wants to live. Constantly puting things in her way. She fights to save herself from herself. You play as the part that wants to live. Can you save her?


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