By retroboy456 :: Tuesday April 15th, 2014


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you woke up in a test chamber and got out for some testing. but you escaped. (Lucky you because this is the dumbest lab ever) [as you saw in one of the signs said that there were messages. ITS HELMUTS NOT STUMLEH YOU (*^W#$ ] which means there backwards. if you noticed them already KEEP PLAYING!! (Some hard moments so if you complete the 2 bosses you will be rewarded by a Prize...) so lets go to the messages. (Reddy from second stage is indeed giberrish) Lizzardo 1 stage 2 add me pn sploder retroboy456 lizzardo 2 stage 2: do you like my sploder games? boss of stage 2: You shall not pass! -gandalf baddie stage 3: Follow me on Vine: Indigo Rotshtein! {Really check it out so go to your iphone/ipad and follow!} Bunny stage 3: Happy Easter! helmut stage 3: Hey! Try to lick your elbow! purple mob-like thingy 1 stage 3: Why cant i get out of this? purple mob-like thingy 2 stage 3: It's called Jumping, arnold. Boss of stage 3: Don't leave! I want you Dead. Well thats the end of the messages... Bye!

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