2 Player Battlefield Game

By rjgsuper :: Monday January 27th, 2014


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Instructions The object of the game is to either get one of your pieces to the opponent’s base or defeat all your opponent’s pieces before they do either to you. On your turn, roll the number die by clicking on the small circle in the middle and pressing space. Then, move the number of spaces you roll in any direction, but ONLY along the black lines. You can only move one piece on each go. You cannot finish your turn on another piece – friend or foe. Attacking On your go, if an enemy piece is one or two spaces away from you (along the black lines, you may choose to attack it instead of moving. Pieces in their home zone (base or matching colour space) may not be attacked. Select the attack die (which works in the same way) and press space. The icons each mean different things: Sword – the attack is successful and the attacked piece is removed. Skeleton – the attack backfires and the attacking piece is removed. Dash – the attack fails and no piece is removed. To remove a piece, cast it hard to the left or right and it will go. The number die is selected and play then continues as normal. Winning Play continues until one player moves one of their pieces into their opponent’s base (brown section) of one player runs out of pieces. The player who runs out of pieces loses and the player who infiltrates his opponent’s base wins. Enjoy the game!


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