It Truly Is A Barren Wasteland

Review by rocketeer on Monday, November 26th 2012
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Barren Wasteland is a game created by turtlee

Historically there’s not much to say; here we have Turtlee, a relatively unfamiliar member with neither fame nor glory, whose only rise prominence is due to his most recent installment “Barren Wasteland.” To be honest, my expectations weren’t entirely high, especially from a game impending from a perplexing member who just obtained his first feature quite I might add, is quite an incredible feat left on its own. Irrespectively I decided to rally onward, prepared to relish every inch the game had to offer.

With all sincerity, the thumbnail was to an extent, bland without much to illustrate. The background was dreadful though at first I reputed it as to having a relation with the title, hence “Barren Wasteland.” An unbeknown force attempted to pull me away from the game but my curiosity was relentless. With fingers crossed, I pounced on the thumbnail and with all the confidence I could draw in, I was ready to encounter the game head on, yanking back the thought of trepidation.

Upon commencement, it wasn’t as unsightly as my brain had anticipated. In sight there were a few misplaced blocks but overall the game succeeded in proving itself to be barren, quite literally. Traps were scarce, few and far between and the game was punishingly straightforward, with the majority of the game all about heading down one set path; retrieve an item and backtracking to proceed. On the clever side, the design was beneficial; adding some type of mystical beauty with actually allows the game to flow like a melody. Despite awkward placements of water and foes which at times have no sense of significance, the game managed to draw the player in and grip tightly on the player for a great margin of the game.

Enemy placement to be blunt was abysmal for the majority of the foes. The bats which were placed approximately near the ice blocks were obnoxious, following me as I gently slid by them, eventually chasing me before sealing their fate by foolishly throwing themselves into a lava pit which itself was supposedly a trap. The forthcoming mutant and native were easily hopped over, proving themselves as to being of no danger whatsoever. Fast foreword and you will unite with a George which is placed in a pool of water. Despite George’s intimidating looks, the player leaps over him and watches as the imminent Snarley charges before falling off an overhang. Other foes which go on unmentioned were placed with mediocre precision, most posing as of no threat.

Lava pits are not only overused and ancient, they masquerade little harm, especially if the player can see them with the snap of their fingers. In fact, the only ingenious trap in the entire game was met when the player attempts to obtain a blue key which seemed to be placed directly in front of the player. One might scream with delight and snatch it but when one does; invisible previously unknown blocks are instantly activated, preventing the player from progressing farther into the game. After witnessing such a trap, I assumed that such suspense would continue only to be let down by a mile when most of the remainder consisted of lava pits and obvious traps.

Barren Wasteland is exactly what the title bestows to an absurd point. Puzzles as far as I have seen are barely present, with paths blocked by cinderblocks and melt blocks being one of the few and spread out puzzles. Decorations are remotely present, with only the muddy brown sky and dull brick tiles to accompany the player. Grass is spread out through the landscape but adds barely any pleasant features to the scenery. Simply put, the game lacks puzzles and is dull when one focuses on the scenery.

When judging on creativity, the game is a let down. Lava pits are bland and need to be improvised, puzzles are remote and overused, no innovation was placed in the decoration which itself was consisted upon grass and plants. The design was of no innovation, all entailed by a clear-cut world.

Pros- Can be addicting, good block placement

Cons- Dull scenery, Poor Enemy Placement, Few Puzzles, Mostly straightforward traps, Bland Thumbnail

Game Structure/Design: 2/5

Enemy Placement: 2/5

Traps/Puzzles: 2/5

Presentation: 1/5

Innovation: 1/5

Final Score: 8/25

The entirety of the game was literally a barren wasteland without much to demonstrate. Plagued by enemy placement, lack of puzzles and a straightforward level design, this game is anything but feature worthy. Despite such criticism, don’t be let down by this Turtlee, just add additional puzzles and enhance your traps along with enemy placement. I hope to see you once again, thank you.