Wave of Domination

By rockyroad797 :: Wednesday November 1st, 2017


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The Evil Mob of Archery Thugs from the Caribbean Islands have used their strength and enmity to capture the ruins of the Old Parts of the forgotten ruins of the Block Pug County Canyon in the Ornament Valley. They are using it as their hideout land and plan to destroy every place in United States to enhance their conquering skills. Soon, their spawn will become large, and the whole world will be in intense threat. It is up to you, Blockhead Buster, to protect your nation from an evil spawn of monsters which tend to commit destruction, in a way of collecting keys and shutting switches and solving puzzles to finally end the war of Overwhelming. ======================================================================================================================== My Best and Biggest Game Map. Don't forget to play and vote because I've spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort in making this.


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