#1 - Greek Mythology Thrills Me All Along! [Wrath Of Cronos By Blackhole2]

Review by rockyroad797 on Monday, October 30th 2017
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Wrath of Cronos is a game created by blackhole2

Welcome back, Friends and fellow Reviewers. This is my first review posted on the Mainsite. The game I’m reviewing is my final option, because it took me days to decide what game I should review.When one day, I looked at the game ‘Wrath of Cronos’ thumbnail and decide to play it. Eventually you’ll fall in love with the whole game, just like me. See, this is why the EGL is outdated. They haven’t had any games like this there, even though how good It is compared to other EGL games. And in no time, this game might eventually hit 5000 views. Featuring an old Greek Mythology, this game spans every level with intense puzzles and scenery. Anyways, it is time to get on with the review.

Blackhole and Matty have been using almost their entire time and effort to work on the game. Especially, when you mention puzzles, It surely won’t take a detective to figure out if it really is big and effort-used. Also, they have used their whole game making strength to create this game, since none of their games hit the talent of any such game alike this. This game is rather similar to none, unlike other big and excellent inspired games, such as Parry’s world. This game is rather over-worked, but still, that doesn’t spoil the players’ fun while playing it. And the last thing, when it comes to the scenery, especially at level 3, almost nothing can match it. I enjoy this game more than almost every game on sploder, because of all these reasons, not only to light up this game, also other games which witness all these reasons.

When the player strolls through the map, he also has to knock hungry monsters, follow advice scripts given by the gods of Greece and activate switches relating to puzzles. All contribute to the game in making the easy, boring level 1 to a hard and fun level 9. There are also several hidden switches in most of the levels, which should necessarily be activated because some of them lead to the corridors of the end of the level. Traps are included, such as well of lava and spike corridors, which are hidden all among the map so the player can fall into them in any possible time.

3/4 of all the players lost this game only because of unidentified traps lying all around. The game IS really good, but there are some flaws, especially on level 3 and the final level. I rate this game 9/10 in terms of gameplay.

In my opinion, the scenery in Wrath of Cronos is probably the best other than Traps and Puzzles. The plants and grass were placed in the right appropriate place and the level exactly looked like the exact same place it supposed to be played at. Especially on level 2, the trees were designed in a perfect shabby manner to indicate that the weather is really bad because of terrors happening in the game. And in level 3, The forest scene was handled perfectly by placing plants in random spots just like it would in a jungle. And surprisingly, it had very few graphics, but still topped in scenery, which other games did not do.

I think the game was distinctive in scenery when you look at all the levels, with Forest sceneries, Village Sceneries, Hill Sceneries etc. The scenery lit up one fourth of the game, and you would say so. Even though the scenery on level 4 was way too deserted, it never spoiled any part of the full game scenery. If there should be a scenery EGL, I suggest this may be added there. And the only sentence I can bleepounce now is “SCENERY IN THIS GAME, ROCKS”. I rate scenery 9.5/10.

The story is based on Greek Mythology. You are the one and only human demigod left on Earth, to crush monsters destroying Earth and cooperating with The Centaur on very dangerous missions. An Unidentified person tries to revive an old, yet probably the most Merciless Evil from Tartarus in order to destroy all Greek Gods and the Holy Mount Olympus. Will you help Zeus find that shadow in the dark?

The story is probably the most stunning and massive one you’ve ever heard of. When you read it, you perceive all the adventurous scenes you will look at when you play the game. I rate story 9/10


Gameplay: _________/__________
Scenery: _________.5/__________
Story: _________/__________
Final Ratings: _________.5/__________


When I first played Wrath of Cronos, it gave me a fun experience and inspired me to make a game like that, and I remember it till now. With stunning gameplay, excellent scenery and a unique story, I am definite that It is utterly difficult to forget the experience. I suggest you may add it in the EGL wait list, since there is a lot of factors which promote it to be EGL Worthy. It’ll truly be a fantastic experience for you, and you too would never forget the goodness that comes to your mind when you play it.


Wrath of Cronos Reviewed by rockyroad797 on Monday, October 30th 2017. #1 - Greek Mythology Thrills Me All Along! [Wrath Of Cronos By Blackhole2] - A game review written by rockyroad797 for the game 'Wrath of Cronos' by blackhole2. Rating: 2.5