[Application] The 8bit World Is Admirable!

Review by rockyroad797 on Monday, October 30th 2017
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Marios Revenge is a game created by bobbler

Darn, I can’t express how excited I am after seeing the game’s thumbnail. It is astonishing how realistic the atmosphere was! Welcome, everyone. Today I, Rockyroad797, will be presenting a review on Mario’s revenge, a popular game! When I was surfing through Bobbler’s page, I found the excellent thumbnail of this game (Which seemed to look like PPG) which attracted me like a magnet. Which is because, Bobbler has ensured that his last game is more spectacular than any he has made so far. Okay fellas, now without further ado, let us begin sailing through the review.


The story begins with Mario starting his day in a good mood only to be informed by Luigi and the news channel that his princess, Peach has been kidnapped and put into custody by the quick-witted hedgehog, Sonic. This leaves Mario angry for the rest of the day, and he immediately rushes off with his gun to find Sonic. Mario then encounters monsters and fights them before he finds sonic. The gameplay contained fighting which made this story very adventurous. Surely an adventure game will be! Maybe, the story could’ve been more intense and gripping, involving side quests and twists happening in-game. This is the only negative that I could find. It made no major harm to the game's reputation so the story line will not be disliked by many people who play it.


The gameplay beats all the other aspects of the game. The Gameplay of Mario’s revenge is action-packed and addictive. Bobbler set a very manifold objective, where the goal is to explore the map, fight enemies, avoid dangerous traps and mainly, hit switches to access other important areas. The switches were placed randomly, and some of them were also hidden from view to make the game a lot harder. The key is to check every suspicious location, such as a very different use of scenery, which may certify that there might be a hidden switch in that scenery item.

Okay fellas, we are talking about something very interesting. Bobbler introduces advanced cutscenes and creates two Mario houses to show what happens after completing a certain cutscene - An impressive action. Yet another impressive technique rarely used is - Bobbler placed teleporters in back of elevator graphics to show Mario travelling quicker. Usually people use the default platformer elevator object that is slow to travel on, but Bobbler was the only one I knew to try this technique. I guess it was done by placing graphics over teleporters and doing a lot of confusing stuff, which is probably the reason it is a well-thought sequence. So, I guarantee that both of these factors push the Platformer creator into its farthest limits, judging after finding no game which features these effects. I had a feeling of intense enjoyment and joy after playing and experiencing the rare features of this game. Once I played it for the first time, it got me hooked and I remember the aspects of the game till now. Unfortunately finding a single negative, I spotted a few shabby placements such as blocks placed unnecessarily in random areas. They were ruining a bit of the scenery too. There is a scope for improvement, and Bobbler could have done better. But there are a majority of positives beside negatives. So Gameplay is a something unique we find in this game. It really gave a feeling of fun, as I mentioned earlier. Now since I’ve finished my critique on the Gameplay, let us focus on aesthetics and move on to Scenery!


Scenery is a significant feature of the game. The Graphics heighten the effects scenery offers. Consequently, almost all objects were graphics - objects with textures and the actual sprites. If it was up to me I would use a bit of default platformer sprites together with the graphics to give a stylish effect to my game, but the graphics used were characteristic of its maker – Undead101 and I cannot be more critical of it. I spotted graphics on back walls and back plants that represented normal indoor items such as televisions and beds. Other than that, pretty much most of the graphics were only floors and walls, and each had a beautiful texture and suited the theme pretty well. When the player went outside, he could see lush green grass and flower graphics which were placed in the appropriate areas, and which gave the locations a good appearance. The graphics piqued my interest in the game. The different themes and the suiting graphics kept me playing it forever! However, the graphic walls with different sizes were placed together which wasn’t the greatest choice. Bobbler could have been a bit more creative in that one. Despite which, According to the positives I’ve told above, the graphics and scenery are a huge plus and really make the game stand out. It’s sort of impossible to find a game as beautiful as Mario’s Revenge, thanks to the great scenery .Kudos to Undead101 and Bobbler and all their hard work has paid off!


• Beautiful Graphics

• Excellent Scenery

• Cutscenes


• Unnecessary placements

• Graphic Wall Different Sizes


Gameplay – _________.5/__________:

Scenery & Graphics – _________.7/__________:

Storyline – ________.8/__________:

Overall – _________.3/__________:


We seldom find games where you have very beautiful scenery, addicting gameplay, yet a very adventurous story. All three things promote the game to be feature worthy and loved by all people in the site. Some may view the difficulty level as a disadvantage, but I feel as though it is challenging it enhances the quality of the game. To conclude, this is Bobbler’s greatest game so far. Now, as I’m finishing my review, I would like all of you guys to know that this is a game worth reviewing in future, and you can pick this for your application. Guess what?? Now that is all by me for today, fellas!


Marios Revenge Reviewed by rockyroad797 on Monday, October 30th 2017. [Application] The 8bit World Is Admirable! - A game review written by rockyroad797 for the game 'Marios Revenge' by bobbler. Rating: 1.5