#2 - A Long Themed Shooter Based On A Respected Lieutenant (Konnichiha By Cyangaming)

Review by rockyroad797 on Monday, October 30th 2017
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Konnichiha is a game created by cyangaming

Welcome, fellow reviewers and friends. Well, it's me Rockyroad797, back to write another review on a game you might expect to be very prominent and well made, and yes it is! Today I'm reviewing Konnichiha, by Cyangaming, who might be well known for making a popular puzzle PPG, in the name of Storyboard. And we all know that Konnichiha is an Editor and Moderator and a Lieutenant on the forum. But even though it's named after him, it has no relevance to the member. But apart from that, I've figured that it is a very long RPG shooter that is intensely addictive. Yeah, that's Cyangaming's style. K, now without further ado, let us begin with the review.

Cyan's games always have a very similar type of gameplay and placements, where you find a line of enemies around you together with a manifold of hazards in all areas. But as you usually find an exploring beginning, and only experience fighting and battles at the end, this game has totally reversed it, which actually makes it a lot better. Some areas are really difficult to beat, but Cyan has made sure there is a way to beat it, and most of them are really perplexing. There is also a type of attack you have to use at one point, which are basically the weak point to the opponent enemy, and if you don't use that attack, your health will start draining quicker and will make you lose the game.

I've also figured out a lot of puzzles present in game, and if you don't solve it properly, it will possibly trap you or drain your health very fast to end the game. Some of them also involve traps, and puzzles and traps blend very well to make a difficult and challenging game. At one point, you enter a one way door and after collecting the power up inside, if you don't leave it quick, the door will close and trap you inside. But to make it harder, Cyan has added acid polygons inside to drain the ship's health as it is trapped inside. I've found this in many other games but he has used it a bit differently here. And I found a unique technique when he placed nitro explosion blocks under weak blocks and if the ship goes close and attacks, thinking it to be harmless, he might get a health drain. He has used a similar technique in the enemies, and has placed a Disruptor beneath a Spider. So if the player goes to touch the Spider and fight it, he might be anchored by the Disruptor and the cbleep he is, the health drains faster. But one another unexpected thing was at the same point, two spiders unleashed out after destroying the disruptor. But the reason the Spiders are necessary to be defeated are because the spider blocks can't be unlocked until defeating the respective color, and inside might be crystals needed to win the game.

I am surprisingly bringing in a rare topic now, which is about the Thumbnail. When you know the name is "Konnichiha", you wouldn't expect a normal thumbnail. Yeah, that is why, the thumbnail is actually an excellent designed shooter art representing a human version of Konnichiha's old avatar. Cyangaming is known for making excellent shooter thumbnails, such as the ones in Hunger, and Embarking, and this game's thumbnail is as good as them.


Just like his other excellent shooters, Konnichiha is a well planned pack of innovation and ideas. It is a suitable game for an inspiration, very worth it for reviewing. When I clicked the game, I knew it would be amazing, but I never expected it to consist of a manifold of unique traps, objectives, puzzles and techniques. Is it feature worthy? In my opinion, yes. Kudos to Cyangaming, you did a wonderful job.

I've finished the review, so bye readers. :)