#3 - An Island Of Explorations And Expansions

Review by rockyroad797 on Tuesday, October 31st 2017
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3D Islands is a game created by lavalinn

Welcome, friends and fellow reviewers (Ahem.. Staff Members). Today I am Gonna review a game made by an active forums and MS member Lavalinn. Lavalinn is still underrated even with two features, and many reviews on his game, a high level, high number of views and votes, and yet a high potential and hard work. Lavalinn had a lot of vision and potential in his mind, also will power.


The game starts with a Red Ball and a blue ball lost in a 4D island. Your mission is to collect the respective number of coins before the time runs out. But one flaw lavalinn did is, unlike the tutorial,where each ball has to collect coins of it's own color, in the main levels, he has used normal coins which can be collected by any ball of your choice, which possibly made the game easier than it should've been. The time is set between 20-30 seconds while it increases as the levels go by. Traps are set as the game will probably become very easy if it werenít. It is usually set in the level description. The game was Insane as well and we had to dodge the traps and collect the coins, and which we had to do in time. Some levels needed Puzzle game experts to complete which was because those kind of levels were puzzling. You WOULD have thought ďOops! Itís so hardĒ in the second level since there were cactuses all over and speeding may cause damage to the player. To be honest, this game ought to be published all over the net.


Two Balls, a red one, and a blue one, are stranded in and Island. They collect coins all over the game and try to dodge the traps with a moderate set time. The Island is full of physical features such as Deserts, Mountains, Forests, Rivers and Hills. The balls donít escape the island, as the storyís end is not given in the game.


This Game starts off easy only in the first level, which has no traps and only coins, while the other levels have more coins and efficient traps. If you arenít trained in using WASD (Which is set for the blue ball), and easy way to complete the game, is to only use the red ball, which can move by using the Arrow Keys. The game isnít that easy for new gamers. As you try once and again, you get to complete more levels. Once you have a habit of playing that game, the game will be extra-easy to you. No Invisible Traps are set, and if it were, the game wouldnít make sense when they play it. Insane gamers are sent to complete the game, who are trained gamers, like a level 250 member. Insane gamers complete it in a lightning speed when new gamers take a long time. Although, The game remains difficult and edges on the 9-10 position of the difficulty, which you usually see when you start the game.


Trees, Plants, Cactuses, Mountains and other physical features are set in the game as scenery. It had no graphics as well, but many trees, also plants. The scenery was beautiful and addicting, and also a good one for nature-lovers. The scenery wasnít really big anyway, with only trees and plants along all levels. Lavalinn didn't have time to care about scenery in the game, as this was a time limit RPG minigame. Anyways, scenery was also an important part set in the game, with inspiring creativity. I wouldn't expect any one to build such a great game without a single use of proper graphics.


Gameplay: _________.5/__________

Storyline: ________/__________

Difficulty: _________/__________

Decoration: ________.7/__________

Total: ________.9/__________


8.8/10 is a good total, But if lavalinn had a better story line, and a higher expansion of scenery, it would count up to 9.5/10. What I could say on conclusion is that, this game is amazing, interesting, puzzling, fun, addictive and challenging for all members. The gameís creativity is inspiring and the difficulty is Challenging. If Iím right, this is one of the best 3D PPGs to exist in Sploder. Kudos to Lavalinn.


3D Islands Reviewed by rockyroad797 on Tuesday, October 31st 2017. #3 - An Island Of Explorations And Expansions - A game review written by rockyroad797 for the game '3D Islands' by lavalinn. Rating: 4.5