[RRR] I'm Raging In My Fury! Dare To Come And Chase Me!

Review by rockyroad797 on Tuesday, November 14th 2017
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Fury of the Tribes is a game created by gaminator

Welcome friends and fellow reviewers, Rockyroad797 here with another review. And today, I am reviewing a prodigious yet underrated game, for the Royal Review Rumble, and of course it is, The Fury of the Tribes by Gaminator, who is somewhat popular for his platformer games, and the ones which aren’t underrated are adored by everyone. A lot, and lot of games filling the featured page, which is always so crowded, but this game is one of the unique selections out there. Boasting a manifold use of graphics and a very well built game map, It stands out, but of course not the only unique one.

Pre Thoughts

Well yes, in Pre Thoughts I’ll be covering parts of the thumbnail and my thoughts, and we are following the method for years now. After surfing through Gaminator’s page looking for the best of games, there was a trailer, which was for the game, before this was released. After playing that, I knew that this was going to be an impressive finished project. Later, when I looked at the thumbnail, I could see sand tiles and sacred objects which pretty much proved this was a mythology fighting game. When looking at the title, the word ‘fury’ gave me a feeling of adventure and that made me think this was an adventure game. And after clicking the ‘Play’ button, I could see every point I predicted, becoming true. But now, let’s begin sailing through the main part of the review.


When I look at Gaminator’s games, I always expect it to have a very interesting and captivating story. And his tradition is including a lot of history and mythological facts in it. I wasn’t surprised when I looked at the storyline of Fury of the Tribes, and an addition to it was a very horrendous atmosphere. As explained in game, it is centered on a huge war of the seven tribes which are separated In the land, the Selluose Tribe, Atchuon Tribe, Molrock Tribe, Santh Tribe, Flir Tribe, Skair Tribe and the Humanity Tribe. When a majority of the tribes are destroyed by the other powerful and standing tribes, you, the hero of the Humanity Tribe should solve side quests and missions to finally oppose the alive tribes which are intending to destroy humanity. Doesn’t it sound very adventurous? Yes, it does! Another major positive is that it is very intense and gripping. Unlike other featured games, this contains a gripping storyline which is a major plus, and that makes it unique.


Wrath of Cronos, Sherlock Bones, The Wind Blows West, Sto4, Matty’s Land, and a whole list of adventure plats, what is the difference in them? Well, the difference is yet very small. They only differ in terms of plots and placements. Yes, the whole list doesn’t exclude Fury of the Tribes. There is a lot to explain. Ahem. The Gameplay consists of adventures and explorations. The hero’s job is to wander all over the villages and cities, searching for keys and dodging hazards placed in unexpected locations. This is a precise objective for adventure and exploration games. Many things contribute to form a very difficult atmosphere, such as the unexpected and mad chasing of enemies, random hazard placements, and a need for alertness in random locations. But alongside the fighting of deadly monsters and and avoiding the unorthodox traps, you must crack puzzles and explore for keys and switches, which help to break areas and proceed to the following levels. But when Gaminator uses a lot of invisible switches placed in very random areas, it is difficult to find them unless you check every possible or suspicious location. So the hero wanders around all the buildings, expecting the area to have the needed switch.

All the buildings constructed in the game had a very similar look. They had exactly two floors with a roof on the top. Some of these buildings might look a bit different, and most of them are the ones in which we find hidden keys or invisible switches placed somewhere in it. These mechanics are very similar to the ones used by Blackhole2, another one of the wonders of the platformer creator. Sometimes we find areas which people basically don’t enter, but it actually contains a key or a powerup needed to proceed in the game. As I said, exploration is always needed. Leaving an area behind will always lead to a failure or inability in completing the game. Concluding this, I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. Not only was it very difficult and adventurous, it was very innovative. The Innovation was like a magnet to me and caused me to adore this game.


Okay, I’m trying to be a bit unorthodox and creative here. This isn’t a common paragraph, but I really wanted to say about this. Music is the only huge con I found in this game. If it was me, I would use Wordupover, Time to Grieve or The Thieves for the levels. But Gaminator used “That can fill a day” which I are basically found in Meme PPGs or Bland Unprofessional games. It didn’t suit the game pretty much, and it is one area in where Gaminator messed up. This was unexpected since I’ve seen him use pretty good music in his other games, so I despise this a lot.

Scenery & Graphics

Scenery was pretty bland here, and the textures are the things I can mostly talk about. But the Textures weren’t badly picked or terribly placed. Gaminator perfectly placed a ramp tile or stair tile in different angles and formed exquisite and very aesthetic tile designs. He also picked the suiting tile for the buildings and floor, which had extremely beautiful textures in them. Sometimes he picked a texture tile which he modified the colors and texture to suit the location theme perfectly. But the main scenery which consisted of trees and backplants were lesser used in this game. In Gaminator’s other game Oogar, it was a total opposite. But the ones he actually used were placed pretty well and the cluster of default scenery items formed many objects and decorations. If he used a bit more, it would’ve been a lot better and would’ve made the gameplay more fun and interesting. This isn’t a huge con but a point out mistake that many people do on their games. Yep, I’m right.

Forget the mistake I just spotted now, because we’re comin’ to some cool and very positive stuff that is a huge pro to this game. What did you expect? Yes, it’s graphics. I’ve seen the same set of graphics in Blackhole and Sto4’s games, and so far I know it was made by Blackhole. It was very captivating and suited the medieval ancient times pretty well. I found the same graphics in Wrath of Cronos, Oogar and the Sky Goes Up, Another game by Gaminator. Even the enemies had graphics, which were very horrifying and created a terror effect on the enemy. It was done very well and I was relieved a bit (Haha) to not see a default platformer enemy. Anyways, yeah, the Scenery was pretty good and I liked it.


•Gripping Storyline

•Captivating Graphics

•Lot of Explorations


•Bad choice of Music

•Minority of Scenery Items


Storyline: _________.5/__________
Gameplay: _________/__________
Music: ____/__________
Total: ________.2/__________

*Final Verdict*:

Storyline was gripping, the Gameplay was very innovative but the music really got messed up. I wouldn’t say music is a really big issue in the game as a review mainly focuses on the gameplay, scenery and story parts. But I would like to Congratulate Gaminator for achieving an outstanding 9.5/10 on storyline, because it is very rare to find a game with storyline with the highest score. I’ve reviewed many games before, not a single one matched up to such a high storyline score. The Gameplay stands 0.5 behind, because of the daunting difficulty. Still the whole game was pretty much enjoyable and the Innovation kept me playing. If you guys out there like some bleep cool adventure plats then I suggest you should review this in your future. Now thanks for reading, guys. Bye! :)


Fury of the Tribes Reviewed by rockyroad797 on Tuesday, November 14th 2017. [RRR] I'm Raging In My Fury! Dare To Come And Chase Me! - A game review written by rockyroad797 for the game 'Fury of the Tribes' by gaminator. Rating: 4.5