L0V3 Pr150n

By rrkwagner :: Friday June 29th, 2012


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Why Ar3 Y0u H3r3? W311, Y0ur G1r1fr13nd 531 1h15 Up. 5h3 15 1n5an3 b3cau53 y0u hav3 1r13d t0 br3ak up w11h h3r. Bu1, n0, 5he wan15 h3r t0 l0v3 y0u. Y0u hav3 t0 311h3r 1) G3t 0ut 0f H3r3 and 1 w111 r31r13v3 y0u 0r 2) w311, b3c0m3 h3r b0yfr13nd wh3n sh3's in heaven. :I G00d Luck. :I


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