Wow, What A Game!

Review by rule60 on Sunday, June 13th 2010
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Hawthorn: The Remake is a game created by brocky

Before Game

Yes, as we all know, Brocky has made a remake off the real Hawthrown, originaly made by qaz. Great game, extremely difficult and breath taking. It was a remarkable game.

Playing The Game

When I started the difficulty bar was high, high enough for me to back down, but I didn't, because i'm a challenger. And I like to try thing's. And Brocky sent me on a mission to complete this game, so I had ago. At the start it didn't look like it was gong to be easy, It's one of those games where you have to die then play it again, so you don't have to move and you can shoot. Well, I did that and blow up all the enemies insight, the spider was esspeically difficult from the fact the pusher was pushing me into it.

I finally destroyed the spider and I was on my way. Then behind the key doors there were more enemies ready to attack. I sneakily killed them all without a scratch, but I only had 2 bomb's left. So, I used them wisely. I got through to the next spider with health half way along the health bar, I was determinded to win againest another key.

And I did, so went back to the start and went though the key doors. I saw health so I quickly got it because a part inside me said I needed it.

Ahh, there were trap's which I wasn't falling for, I quickly scattered across the long hallway and killed all the enemies insight. I came up to the last hallway, and I knew it wasn't a trap. So I went up it and BOOM! Another bunch of enemies, the forces between the repellers and the pushers kept me level, without getting hurt, so I got through the teleporter with ease.

I saw a block on my radar, which I thought was a health, I hit it a few times and out come a mojo, I gained health quickly, and entered another killer room. As, passing through constant rooms, with death not far behind it, I finally go to the last 1. And it was laggy, but i made it, and finally made it to the crystal.

After Game

Wow, adrenaline rushing through me as every corner I took.

Fantastic game, superb placement, Well done Brocky!


Great placement

Difficult arena

Adrenaline around every corner


Lag near the end

Overall: 9/10


Hawthorn: The Remake Reviewed by rule60 on Sunday, June 13th 2010. Wow, What A Game! - A game review written by rule60 for the game 'Hawthorn: The Remake' by brocky. Rating: 4.5