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Review by sack on Wednesday, July 27th 2011
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Fuison Attack is a game created by fuisonmaker

Why I have chosen this Game:

I like to review to review games that I find spectacular and I think I have found that game. Fusionmaker is a Brand new member to Sploder and has created a game called Fusion Attack.


I was searching on Featured and I saw this game. I was hoping that I could find a game to review and so I tried this. I was expecting it to be an easy game and perhaps not a superb game as this member was new. So I played Fusion Attack...

Targets in this game:

I would like it to be fun, jam packed with action, addictive, and of coarse, is there lots of effort put into it.


I was amazed with this game as the quality of it was great. The structure, placement and shape was all fitted in to make one great game. That moves me on to my first part of the Review. The Structure and Design was a great part of the game. I scanned the game while I was playing it and I did realize that yes, many users can create this structure and this shape but this user put it perfectly into place like it was a Jigsaw Puzzle and each block was perfectly shaped and could only be fitted in one place. The colour also was a great design for the game. Just imagine that you were playing Fusion Attack and the background was pink. It would ruin the atmosphere of the whole game. Next we have the Lack of Health. Yes, just a small part of the game but it was a great part of the game. I got right to the end with my health but I didn't get past the last Spider. I think that Fusionmaker did a great job on the health as you have to use every weapon you have, well to get to the end. So that was a star part of this game.

Now we move onto the Enemy placement and choice. The Enemy placement was one of the best parts in the game. It was perfectly done as I kind of imagined like this. There is Enemy in one corner then no enemy then another enemy and when your health wasn't going down too easily he could select another Enemy to make you be more careful. I know that I said that it was one of the best parts in the game and yes, I will stick with that thought but in some areas the Enemies could have been shifted to another place or could of been deleted. There was one place where I thought 'Did he do a check on this game once he had finished?' as one enemy was far out of place where I would of selected him. The Enemy choice was again, superb and he could really have a talent for making very hard games but with successful placement. This part did get my attention as there were many varieties of enemies and I always used to keep one type of Enemy the whole game and I found that too boring so that really struck me. I think nearly all enemies were used up in this game ( A good thing) and he used them in the right place so instead of placing that there he put something there instead.

The Puzzles in this game were very poor. I don't think that there was even one puzzle in this game but to be honest I don't think it really matters as so much action was taking place in the game it was taking your mind off it. That now brings me to the Action. In Fusion Attack the action was non-stop. I am sure I have said this before but action is perhaps the main part of the game. Just imagine that you are playing a game with no hazards and no enemies, just think how boring it must be for you to just stroll around. I was not just the enemies that for me gives out action it was the decoration and shape of the game. It just put my mind into the game like I was the ship. There was quite a lot of decoration but it was not top class decoration like a curve or anything like that. So well done on the Action. Now we on another small part. Addictive. Yes, I thought it was very addictive as I had a few tries at the game. This is a more important part than you may think. If you really start liking a game you will want to play it more and then the Creator will get more views. You may be thinking, meh, but actually if it was your game you would be very proud of yourself.

Now we are on the Decoration. I have already spread little parts of the decoration already in the review but here is where I can sum it up. I was not amazed with the effort put into it nut it did have it's little moments where it had spikes or pentagons and different other shapes. Now I am brought to the length. I know that length is not so important but it will amuse you for a longer amount of time and will keep you think wow, what a game, or meh, not so good. But I was definatly saying wow. Fusion Attack is a great game that does have great parts to it but needs to be improved in nearly all areas. Now. Last but not least. Was it Fun. Well, this for me is a nearly always going to be the same answer. Yes. It was effort and time was placed in this game I think that it really payed off.


Yes, I was very impressed for this game especially as it was created by a new member. I do think that he did think about this game before actually making it unlike others who just go for it and I think he could see it in his head. It will give him a good introduction to Sploder and he will be liked in the Future. It could be improved but I think that if he did he would be going a bit too far as some games do and turn out being not so great. So I think that he stopped and checked at the right time.

My Point of View:

Well, in this review I have nearly based it all on you so these are my thoughts summed up. Overall I did think that it was very good and fun. But perhaps everything could be tweaked slightly. The best part to me was the Action. It was non-stop and to make me impressed you need to add in lots of action. Everything in this game was above average and I think this game is definitely above average.

Target Checklist

Fun: Yes

Action Packed: Yes

Addivtive: Yes

Clear Effort: Yes









Ratings (Out of 5)

Action: 4

Length: 4

Heatlth: 3.5

Lag: 5

Fun: 4

Decoration: 3

Difficulty: 5

Overall (10): 9/10

Sum Up

A very good game made by Fusionmaker and people will want another game, I am sure. Loads of effort was added in which certainly paid off as it got featured as yes, I think that it should of been featured.

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Fuison Attack Reviewed by sack on Wednesday, July 27th 2011. "Fusion Attack" - A game review written by sack for the game 'Fuison Attack' by fuisonmaker. Rating: 5