"Questation Of A King..."

Review by sack on Saturday, September 3rd 2011
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Questation of a King... is a game created by roosters

Why I chose to Review this game:

I love to review games off the Featured page as they are superb games and gives people a chance to see what a real game is like and this one, well... is the Perfect one to Recognize.


Well, I was really bored as I really needed a game to review and was getting impatient about finding a game. When I played this game I wasn't thinking about giving this a Review but here I am now, writing away about it...

What I need to have in a good game:

Questation of a King... is a very good example of what I like in a game but can it tick all of my boxes? It needs, Action, Fun, effort and to be addictive.

After Play

Firstly, I don't understand how well the Thumbnail of the game worked out as I thought the WHOLE game was going to be pitch black and impossible, but no. I was pink. To be honest my eyes were so shocked at the beginning they actually hurt but that is what brings me to my first part of the Review, Thumbnail. Now, this is actually a very important part of a game because this is what attracts players to play that game. I have noticed that quite a lot of some reviews have been made with games that have not a great Thumbnails but have a great middle and end so... To be honest a review is definitely not as good as a feature and to get an editors attention a good thumbnail will easily help. Now we move on to an absolute key thing that must be added into a game... Action. This is perhaps the most important part of game making as without action you don't have a fun game so, not fun, not good. There was tones of action on here and I think this is what Roosters was hoping for. Action is only one type of style in the Game Making world but it is easily used the most, other options are Adventure, Puzzle, Underwater... Stuff like that. So back on Action. Yes, tonnes of Action and this was mainly used by enemy placement and some sort of Maze.

My next part is about Enemy placement as I mention a few sentences ago. This was not perfect but good. Most of it was very good but in some places it was around average. Yes, average is normally good but the standard of this game blew me away. It was quite hard and sometimes you had to use a last option Power up as Roosters gave you a hard time finding Health's. I also would add in that the varieties of enemies were great. I think would pf guessed by now that I can be a little dodgy when thinking about enemies but I have learnt my mistakes. Now is quite a strange part of the game that not many Reviewers need to add in, Mazes. He made this game in a clever way as it was partly finding Crystals and a Flag but he made about 4 times more interesting by adding in a maze which also made you take more care where you go and when. Mazes can very easily be way to big, way too small or just plain boring but here Roosters did something that not many people have the guts to do anymore. The maze was not too hard, to small, to big, or to easy so he took the risk and still passed.

Next we move onto the Puzzles. This wasn't really a puzzle type game but I imagine people can call a maze a kind of puzzle, but apart from that there wasn't much else. To be honest I not actually a big fan of puzzles as they can get boring and tiring of the same ones over and over again so to impress me a New Puzzle would be nice. Now we have the Structure. Now this isn't that important but it can be used. Just imagine playing in tiny, little area and then you are teleported to the largest place on earth. It feels quite strange. It had good Structure in this game and I was actually quite surprised. I honestly did think that it would be a tiny area to a big area and back again, but no. I was Totally wrong. Moving to the Power Up placement. This is not so important but can be useful to keep in mind for a game. This was a great part of a game for me. It was nearly perfect. I you needed a health you had to find a key or something and get it again. This wasn't a game where you just walk past a alley-way pick up a bit of health and go. It made you work to keep your player alive so you had to be really careful when you attacked and Enemy and when not to.

After Thoughts

This may be one of my favorite games of all time. I found it had basically everything. From the Basics to the Complex parts. It was a really well made game and a Great Idea. I am glad that it got featured as it definitely deserved it.






Enemy Placement






Ratings Out of 5

Fun: 4

Action: 5

Lag: 5 (Good)

Placement: 4

Decoration: 4

Overall: 4.9

To Finish off

Questation of a King... is one truly amazing game and I hope others can see this game in the way I did.

Roosters, you did an incredible job there.

Thanks for Reading