Review by sack on Sunday, April 3rd 2011
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Constrictor is a game created by tiaz


Well, I really like Tiaz's games, and his newest game, which I am reviewing I thought, did not look to bad. So I was expecting something decent to play...


To be honest, there is alot that Tiaz needs to work on. The background was ok but it was Purple the whole way through, and there was 3 levels. Yes, I know the background is not extrememly important but it will give you an impression of what the game is going to be like. I thought the name of the Game wasn't half bad, since I have heard that is a main part of game attraction. There is no story to this game, which I think is a good thing to get the player more interested, but sometime, I guess, that you don't have to do them.

The Lag was brilliant, you got to play the game properly and see it in the way you would like to see it, but that is where I began to get cross. Yes, the Lag was great but that had alot to do with the length of the game. I know Tiaz is one of the most hungriest users to get his game Featured, and I am sure this game, he tried hard on, but he forgot perhaps one of the most important things in the whole world of Game Making... The Length. Since there was 3 levels in this game, and each level, was about one minute long if it was your first time playing it, but if you had played it more than once you should be able to do it alot quicker.

The was no Puzzles included in the game, but there was a clever part where, I think Tiaz does in every game. It was where you had to turn off an Orange Switch, but you had to get up by Hitting a Green Switch that keeps you able to stay up in the air to turn off the Orange Switch, then you turn off the Green Switch, and lets you down to carry on with the game. I thought the Health was very Impressive, because Tiaz put it in the exact position where you would need it, such as Red Hearts or 50 Healths.

My favourite part was the non-stop action in the game. There was always something to do, if it was, Turning Swiches on and off, Jumping over Lava, Killing Enemies, or Collecting the Blue, Green, Yellow or Purple Key. This is a very important part to the game as people always love games, where there is something good to do.

After Wards:

After Finishing this game I was not Amazed or Horrified with the game. I was safely over the middle of the Scale. I also think that some of his games are better than 'Constrictor' but I would not be suprised if people do give positive comment after finishing this game.



Enemy Placement













Lack of Health-7/10

Overall Score:

My Overall Score I am giving Tiaz for His Game 'Constrictor' is 7/10.

Ways to Improve:

I think the Length was really poor, so I would look out for that, perhaps a change of colour in the Levels. Apart from that you could be going into a load of views with your next games. Well Done Tiaz!


Constrictor Reviewed by sack on Sunday, April 3rd 2011. "Constrictor" - A game review written by sack for the game 'Constrictor' by tiaz. Rating: 3.5