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Review by sansander97 on Wednesday, December 22nd 2010
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Underground Temple is a game created by venomkiller

Underground Temple

I will be reviewing Underground Temple by venomkiller and oggie77. I realized that this game had very little views so I thought I would test it out and see if it is really worth a review. I then realized that there is no such thing as a review worthy game. The game name is kind of boring; Underground Temple. I hear variations of this name alot on Sploder.

The scenery in this game is amazing! I can't believe that this game isn't the slightest bit laggy on my computer even though it has blocks and background tiles every which way you turn. I don't like how this game was made in 8-bit. This game is too great to be in 8-bit. Of course, venomkiller could still keep this game but he could also create a new, non 8-bit game variation too. Scenery is one of the most important aspects of a platformer game. Even if your game is top notch, if it doesn't have good scenic items, it will fail.

Underground Temple is a difficult game but most long-time members could beat it with some difficulties. PermBlocks block most of your alternate paths so the number one thing is to FIND THAT SWITCH! I will keep that hidden for you to find. There are many small enemies in this game so a new weapon would be nice to receive. This would help the newer members who want to get further in the game.

Underground Temple implements a few new concepts but I feel that there isn't enough. I would like to see more puzzles throughout the game and maybe even some puzzles that have never been devised yet. I can't stress the puzzles enough! This game would probably get featured if new concepts and ideas were added. I would really enjoy playing Underground Temple 2.

May Contain Spoilers

This collaboration starts with a bang. You are sitting on a single pedestal with PermBlocks to your right and an owl on your left. The PermBlocks will obviously have to be activated by the switch to the right. Now you have to trust your instincts. Do you want to trust the owl? He is saying that to be safe, you must fall down the tunnel. You could just use your mini map but where's the fun in that? Once you figure out that no owls can be trusted, you find yourself trying to stay afloat above a killer lava pit. On top of that, you must defeat a few mutants. You will have to play the game to find out what twists happen next!


I would add a few more puzzles and traps to this game. Also, a few extra weapons would help the new members.

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