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Review by sansander97 on Thursday, January 20th 2011
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Heaven is a game created by electronicus

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Background on the Creator & Opening Segment

I will be reviewing Heaven by electronicus. I have reviewed one of electronicus’s games in the past. This game was brought to my attention via the BHR thread in the Sploder Community Forums. It was also one of the first games posted in said thread.

My Experience

I started my journey into Heaven between two spiked pillars. I had absolutely no idea where I should go first so I just used my mini map. I found a live to the left of me and sense the direction of left turned out to be a dead end, I continued my game play right. As I go right, I find a couple of wizards saying mystical things to me. I climb up stairs and hurdle over mountains. Soon I reach a spot where a wizard says that I should use the wings (jetpack) and soar through the clouds (pipes). As I started to soar, I realized that I had never seen a game quite like this before. I came to parts in the game that I just can’t describe in detail simply because I found an alternate route and flew by the difficult challenges with ease. After the fly of greatness, I stumble upon a figure asking for his crystal. He asks the following question: “Is it somewhere in this building?” I was about to enter the building when I realized that there was an alternative route to explore. I plummeted down the long passage way and game to a key door. In frustration I climbed back up the ladder all the way to the top of my previous decent. I then entered the building. I could finally see textures because of the background lights. This game was meant to be a dark and light theme. I finally received a key for the key door and decided to try it out. Sadly this key didn’t seem to work. I had no more jet pack fuel (or should I say wing juice) so I had to face defeat.

Entertainment & Creativity

Heaven surprisingly wasn’t too entertaining for me. I mean, there are a lot of cool and fun areas but not enough to score high on the ratings list. Electronicus makes surprisingly great games and most of them are entertaining but Heaven wasn’t very. There weren’t any new puzzles, challenges, etc. added to the Heaven that I haven’t seen before.

Scenery & Enemy Placement

There wasn’t too much scenery in Heaven but when there was an area with scenery, it was incredible. My favorite part in this game is when you had to fly up the passage way using your “wings” and trying to avoid the clouds that were so strategically placed. I have never seen anything like the clouds in this game before. They surely took some time to think up and create.


This game is truly epic saying the least. Heaven ranked so high on the epic portion of judging because of its unique layout and object patterns. I loved playing this game but it got boring after about 5 minutes of playing it. The main boring aspect of this game is the background colors; white and black. Although the colors add a different and unusual feel to the game, they also decrease from the entertaining aspect.

Description Given

“Objects: over 3000. Time spent to make it: about 10 hours. This game is not hard, but the story is it's main part. And sorry for typing mistakes, the game was finished in the early hours and I was tired. Hope you will enjoy in it! :)”

Pros & Cons


-Incredible Scenery

-Great Storyline

-Very Entertaining


-Wide Open Map


I would adjust the background colors (especially sense you are talking about Heaven) and maybe add a few more enemies and challenges throughout.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Entertainment: __
Enemy Placement: __
Creativity: ____
Scenery: ___
Epicness: ____
Overall: ___


Game Type: Platformer

Requested?: Yes

Date Created: Thursday January 13th, 2011

Mission Type: Capture the Crystals (2)

Difficulty: 4/10

My Final Burn

This is my favorite game made by electronicus so far. I really look forward to another game that is either a sequel to this one or a whole new game all thogether.

This has been a BHR.


Heaven Reviewed by sansander97 on Thursday, January 20th 2011. [BHR] Heaven - A game review written by sansander97 for the game 'Heaven' by electronicus. Rating: 2