fun at the funnasium

By sarahanara :: Sunday December 13th, 2009


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You go to the shops and you suddenly find some tickets for the funnasium, so you buy them. When you get out of the shops you go to the funnasium, have a great time and don't miss any rides. P.S- I am going to create a funner, better, gooder, greater, and more exciting game of fun at the funnasium and if you have an idea about a ride you know, like, heard of, or thought of please write a comment to me about it (the rides which are in there are a rollercoaster (better than this one), bouncy castle(giant), a haunted house (darker and better) and that's it right now but if you comment there will be more rides I can put in ( I'll be chacking the comments everyday)!!!


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