By scorpion64 :: Sunday June 17th, 2012


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So I recently logged on after a long time of being offline to discover I had people on my friends list I had never met, and games I never made. I usually don't check things like this. I often simply make a game and continue doing what ever I as was doing before. But when I checked the people that were on my friends list I was enraged to find comments I have never made, yet they were posted by my account. Putting more research into this I am pretty sure I have been hacked, I have changed my password, and am thinking about getting a new account. I apologize for all the imazingly rude and senseless comments the hacker of my account has posted every where and I hope to fix the problem once and for. Seeing as I may be getting a new account soon (That is free of any rediculasness). Anyone who knew me, please post in the comments if you would like to know the name of the new account so that you may find me again. Have a very nice day.


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