By shadythecreator :: Monday January 8th, 2018


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The year is 2706. Planets are now singular countries. The solar system, known to the Milky Way as Sol, has been completely colonized into eight countries by homo sapiens, creatures who began on Earth. As of late, another solar system that has been undetected by the homo sapiens called the Kosa have been looking to expand their galactic empire. It's time to take over Sol and the planets that surround it. An astro-warrior named Yuri has been tasked with leading the ground war within Sol. His first mission is to conquer the territory of Mercury. Its citizens are quick and witty, similar to the planet itself. There are three cities that Yuri has been tasked with raiding: Degas, Picasso, and Caloris. All three cities are cultural and political capitals of the planet, with Caloris being the most important.


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