10,000 View Celebration

By shayminlord789 :: Thursday August 5th, 2010


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=-Tribute for Elroysice. :P-=For those of you who looked at the thumbnail and bought it- YOU JUST GOT GAME ROLL'D. For those who looked at it and took the hint for the arrow to get past the beginning - 1. This is my celebration game for 10,000 views. Thanks guys! I made this real quick so there are a few glitches, but I hope you get all the keys. >;3 And now for the description: You wake up to find you're in a minefield of epic size. Something in your mind tells you to take the path to the left. Then, you get and even CRAZIER idea to blow the whole thing up with your ammunition. Your ship BARELY makes it out in one piece, and then after that you pass out. You wake up to find yourself in a warped world, with no explanation at all. And then you hear something very very very wise: GRAB THE CRYSTALS MOTHER F____R.


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