By shayminlord789 :: Thursday July 8th, 2010


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NOTE: I BEAT THIS: http://i48.tinypic.com/14xi7h1.gif -------------------------------------------------'Twas an average morning. Nothing was out of place, in fact, it seemed just like yesterday... The next morning, it felt just the same. It kept going on every day. But now, you have noticed that everything is redundant. After a visit to the local library, (thank god you go there every day) you figure out that there is a curse upon you, called Fade Syndrome. It has a death timer on it, and apparently you only have 3 days. The cure is unfortunately unknown. And so, you set off to try and break the Fade syndrome by visiting by the three spiders of ancient times. They are said to have been around since the start of the universe. They, of all people, should know the cure. You reach a peculiar star in your travels, with a greenish glow, and black stripes down it. Later, you realize the star is called Fade. The three spiders are said to live on a green star, but are heavily guarded with puzzles that no one from your world can solve. You see them standing on a stripe, and ask them for a cure. They say that the only cure for it is their blood and their five crystals from ancient times. They are willing to give all of it up with a fight. So here's some tips: The yellow spider has the power of illusions, the blue spider has deception, and the red spider has explosiveness. Defeat these keys and take their crystals before it is too late.


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