You're Gonna Need A Spare Brain Or Two

Review by shayminlord789 on Sunday, April 10th 2011
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Piqued! is a game created by oggie77

Let's just delve right into the game!

Creator: Oggie77

Oggie77 has been exposed to basically all the things sploder has to offer: from art to action to puzzles. Usually, he doesn't bother with action sequences, and this game is proof of that. Puzzles with a healthy splash of art to entertain the player, that's usually his style. Sometimes, he doesn't test his games allll the way and they get really, really, hard. Luckily, this one was pretty solid.

At the starting line

Oggie seems to have taken the art style of 91156, and seems to have also not bothered with changing the thumbnail to a different starting position. He also seems to have ripped off Snyper: Code of Blood too. Oggie, you're much more original than that. Most of this game contains bits and pieces from other hit games on here.

The Main Game

Really good puzzles in here, but most seen before. The art just distracts the player from noticing that. Lots of enemies, and so much that I had a hard time staying alive.

The problem with this game is the fact that you have to have a lot of patience to beat it. I mean a looooot of patience. There's a point where you have to get past a small opening, it took me 5 minutes to get through it. I turned the game off because no one in the right mind would spend THAT much time trying to beat a game that just leads to more annoying puzzles. The puzzles were good, don't get me wrong, but the lack of originality and how aggravating it is just doesn't make me want to play it.


I'm gonna give this game a 7/10. It's not superbly stupid but it's not a game that will make you go "WOW, I wasn't expecting to have to do THAT!"

Oggie, I'm sure you can do better.

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Piqued! Reviewed by shayminlord789 on Sunday, April 10th 2011. You're Gonna Need A Spare Brain Or Two - A game review written by shayminlord789 for the game 'Piqued!' by oggie77. Rating: 3.5