Cyber Space

By sillmersimmer :: Sunday September 23rd, 2007


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Hello. This is more then your average game. I'm going to start a club of games in a sense. This is my " homepage " in the cyber world. So far, you can play bowling and shoot down the playground wall paper. To create your own Cyber World home page, just create a layout like mine and add games and junk, just be creative. I will eventually make websites like Google and of course.. Sploder! If mutiplayer every comes to Sploder, you can bet I will take Cyber Space to the next level. If you want to join the communtiy, make a page and name the ' game ' Cyber Space : ( Your name here ) and I'll add it to the list in the fourm. I hope everyone has a fun time making pages and going to other ones. And just for fun, you can add a wingman to the map when your gone just for better effect lol. Have fun everyone.


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