[#4] Hey! That's My Town, Now I'm Going To Go On A Huge Journey To Get My Revenge.

Review by sivershadows on Sunday, November 27th 2016
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Waffle s Revenge is a game created by yellowwaffle

Hello there, today Iím going to be reviewing yet another ppg by YellowWaffle. As you may know I have previously reviewed a game by YW, I do tend to enjoy his games. At times like this I wish Moola would send me the editor app, because I think this is feature worthy. Want to see why I think? Read onÖ

In this game you play as YellowWaffle, who is the mayor of a small town. GreyWaffle has invaded your town and you want revenge; Overall pretty good storyline. This game reminds me of a Mario platformer, which some of you may know Iím a big fan of. The gameís difficulty was pretty high; I felt it went all over the place though. For example in some levels towards the end the game became easier in places, usually near the ending the game is pretty hard, and in this game that wasnít the case.

If Iím honest I did find this game quite difficult, I think this was down to the controls. The controls were really slow; you couldnít always jump to places you wanted. Sometimes I would want to jump over an enemy but the controls wouldnít allow me to properly. This became quite frustrating because I would die even though I jumped over the baddies.

I think level two was my favourite, it was a desert level. The level was really attractive; it was bright, colourful and beautifully placed. Also it introduced a bridge mechanism. One bridge you would step onto and it would break; you then had to climb up it, quite clever. Most levels had great mechanisms though. I loved the factory levels too; on one level there was a box machine which crushed boxes, it was only really there for show but it added to the game.

The placement was pretty adequate I found only a few errors. Some platforms were placed a little wrong so sometimes you would get stuck on them temporarily. But placement wise there really wasnít many errors, I do find this usually with YW.

This game was really beautiful on a whole, the scenery was outstanding. Most of the game was all drawn, which I love to see, it shows effort. This was quite a surprise because the last game I played by YW was really bland; a great improvement.


Attractive Scenery

Great mechanisms

Nice storyline


Slow controls

Creativity: ____/_____
Addictiveness: ___/_____
Gameplay: ____/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Placement: ___._/_____
Overall: ____/_____

In conclusion this game was great. Beautiful aesthetics, wonderful ideas. Overall an amazing play. I think this is definitely feature worthy, I am going to place a feature request on the forums for the second time on a game now. I really hope I can get my editor test soon; I really would like to be able to feature games for myself. Anyways, enough rambling. Thank you so much for reading my review, good bye.


Waffle s Revenge Reviewed by sivershadows on Sunday, November 27th 2016. [#4] Hey! That's My Town, Now I'm Going To Go On A Huge Journey To Get My Revenge. - A game review written by sivershadows for the game 'Waffle s Revenge' by yellowwaffle. Rating: 4