[#5] Rojo Y Azul

Review by sivershadows on Monday, April 9th 2018

Hey Sivershadows here, now you're gonna have to bear with me, I haven't composed a review since 2016. I thought I'd might as well dust off that badge and put it to some use. I came across this game on the featured games list, and I'm really glad I did. Now before I start rambling we should begin...

So we start off with a storyline level, now I absolutely love these kinds of levels. We are presented with a dialog; we are able to read the game's story at our own pace by clicking 'next' when we are ready to move on. Along with the text we are shown some very pleasing to the eye visuals to help us picture the story, which is nice. This intro level really reminds me of the start of 'The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker' for the gamecube, I'm not sure if that is where 'dealwithitdewott' got their inspiration but I liked it. Oops, I'm beginning to ramble; this is what happens when you take a break folks.

So our first gameplay level we are fully introduced to the two characters we play as. I'm just going to call them 'Red' and 'Blue' because I think I missed their names. Red and Blue are two teens brainwashed by the government, their task is to go around and defeat the enemies they encounter. It literally took me ages to find the key to end the first level, it was really well hidden. The next level was a cut scene, now on sploder I don't come across these too often so it was really positive to see. After a refreshing cut scene we are able to fully begin gameplay. Dealwithitdewott gives us the opportunity to switch players depending on which stat we wanted to max out. We could either have a fast shooter or fast runner; I ended up going with a faster shooter.

Now letís talk about the game's difficulty. The game wasn't outlandishly difficult but I found some areas to be more on the tedious side. An example of this would've been shooting enemies; I found this to be quite annoying when aiming. I do get it though; shooting in PPGs is very hard to get right.

I'm going to now briefly, touch on the scenery and placement. The scenery of this game was quite simplistic but it worked, level 5's scenery may have been my favourite. The placement in some levels didn't work too well however. When trying to chase enemies down I kept bashing into barriers which slowed down gameplay and became slightly annoying. But the placement in areas overall was fine.



Great use of cut-scene

Good storyline


Tedious in some areas

Creativity: ____/_____

Addictiveness: ___/_____

Gameplay: ___/_____

Scenery: ___/_____

Overall: ___._/_____

In conclusion this game is very enjoyably entertaining. Only a few negatives, but overall a wonderful creation. Thank you for reading this poor excuse for a review and hope you'll tune in another time.


Water Sea Wars FINAL MIX Reviewed by sivershadows on Monday, April 9th 2018. [#5] Rojo Y Azul - A game review written by sivershadows for the game 'Water Sea Wars FINAL MIX' by dealwithitdewott. Rating: 4