[#6] Just Need A Little Assistance

Review by sivershadows on Tuesday, April 10th 2018
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Assistance is a game created by creatingames

Hey Sivershadows here, today I'm going to be reviewing a very entertaining puzzle game by 'creatingames.' Now I know, this is literally the 6th PPG game I'm reviewing, itís not my fault I love PPG. Now I actually remember playing this game awhile back, I can promise you now 10 year old me did not have the patience to complete this. But despite the rage enduring concept it was extremely enjoyable. Let's dive into the review...

So the basic concept is to get to the yellow block on each level, but of course it isn't that simple. We have green, white and blue blocks which all have their own ways of getting around; green is only able to move sideways, blue can only move up and down and white can only be pushed. This provides us with a real challenge because we really have to put our minds into the game. I found this game to have balanced difficulty, from what I played, which is always nice to see. I got up to about half way through the game when I thought I should give up, that isn't CG's fault though itís my patience.

Now let's discuss placement; in some areas I found the placement could've been slightly improved. Now I have fell victim to many placement errors too in the past, so I can't be that harsh. But I found, in some areas, to be the red barriers were slightly out of place. This made it tedious when pushing the coloured squares in fear of them sliding into the walls. But like I said, we can't be absolutely perfect when doing these things.

Despite the game's difficulty being high I did actually find this game addictive. I think what did it for me was the fact I wanted to see what the next level entailed, so the replay button appealed to me. Many users in the comment section were complaining of the game's difficulty saying it was too troublesome; I would have to disagree here. I think the difficulty actually impacted on the enjoyment and indulgence of the game. I also believe the game wouldn't have been worthy of its feature if it was too straightforward.



Nice concept

Challenging Puzzles


Tedious in some areas

Creativity: ___/_____

Addictiveness: ____/_____

Gameplay: ___._/_____

Placement: ___/_____

Overall: ___._/_____

To conclude this I thought the game was extremely enjoyable. Despite the concept not being too original I definitely enjoyed this game. The boss battles also really added some fun to the game. And of course, I believe it was worthy of its feature. Thanks for reading y'all.


Assistance Reviewed by sivershadows on Tuesday, April 10th 2018. [#6] Just Need A Little Assistance - A game review written by sivershadows for the game 'Assistance' by creatingames. Rating: 4