[EGD] I Paused In Complete Perplexity

Review by sivershadows on Monday, July 23rd 2018
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Perplexity 3 is a game created by jeff385

Hiya, sivershadows here, back after a few months ready and raring to go. EGD is an exciting time, many talented game creators put forward their long worked on creations up for judgement. Some users even surprise us with unexpected, unheard of talent, for example; this man, Jeff385. I had never really heard of Jeff before this creation which is unfortunate because this game was simple but impeccably clever. Before we get into the review however, I'd like to apologise my writing may not be the best as of now, because it is literally 30C outside and I'm boiled.

Our first level starts simplistically, basically a tutorial level. We are introduced to a green block which has the ability to turn white at the simple hit of the space bar. I think this is an absolutely beautiful concept which is achieved well. Green blocks aren't able to pass through purple platforms; the green must be changed to white. The white block is then neutralised and can push a purple block through.

Level two we are introduced to a key door mechanism. These are commonly seen in PPG level two's. Yes again gameplay remains moderately easy and simple for beginners. Same concept, new mechanic.

Most levels introduce at least something moderately new, if I listed all we could be here all day. I like this idea; it keeps us interested and leaves boredom out of the picture. I got up to level 7, in that time I would have to say my favourite mechanic would have to have been "inertia". Inertia included the player having to use speed and, of course, inertia to pass through coloured objects, a truly clever idea. Baring in mind I got to level 7 I wanted to see the end of the game, so I used the walkthrough. The walkthough also helped for reference when creating this review, I was able to play back parts to re-jog my memory.

Let's call up placement and scenery; all placement worked but the scenery became mundane. Personally, I don't think puzzle games should have much scenery (she says after releasing her EGD game which is puzzle and has scenery) but I really don't. I don't believe its necessary or compulsory but it does make it look better and more eye catching. That's a small con, hope you don't mind Jeff.

Despite high difficulty, I did find this game to be reasonably addictive. It was fun and gave the sense of wanting to complete it, maybe because it was almost compulsory to review this, nah I'm joking; it was a nice experience.




Challenging but rewarding


No scenery

Can be slightly repetitive.

All in all, great game. I found it intriguing and quite unique. Just what I'd expect from an EGD game, just don't look at my EGD 9 game okay? Haha. All seriousness I'd like to see a lot more from Jeff385, he's got good potential. See you hopefully soon for another review, byeee.