Glass of Health (READ DESC)

By skare75 :: Friday January 2nd, 2009


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Now, before I say anything, there are some art makers that are good art makers. Like Maxliam and Cutegamemaker, and some other ones that I forgot to mention. But however, there are some people that completly ruin the name of art games. The "Glass of Coke" idea was great. I understand how it got views. Also, the "Shave my hair off" was good. However, then people started copying the idea. I am not going to mention any names, but I will mention the game names. "Shave my beard" was going a little over the top. BUT, what is this?! "Shave Santa Claus's beard". WHAT. THE. F***. There are some other ones, however I cannot be bothered to tell you them. So, I have now ripped the mickey out of you, by making this. All I am doing is showing you what a bad art game is. Now, do all you want to me: leave negative comments, rate 1 star (although you can't) and a load of different stuff - Will I care? NO.


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